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That's generally true, but I found that my linen Walts stretched a little, more than any cotton or wool Walts have, so that they went from feeling a bit tight to perfect after a couple of wears. Might be worth a try before having them altered.
When do you expect the Southwick Overcoat Sportcoat to come in? Also, are you planning on doing any other styles of the Wakefield topcoat (or any other topcoats) this year? Thanks! For anyone considering the Olive Windowpane tweed I just got it last week and highly recommend it. Got a ton of compliments the first time I wore it, and I think the olive will make it really easy to wear.
Equus Leather makes great belts. They have one colour, Russet, that is similar: http://www.equusleather.co.uk/index.php/Leather-Colours.html. You can choose the width and buckle style, and I think they have a matte buckle style too. Even better, there's a SF discount, and they're great to deal with. Have a look at their thread on MC.
The new trousers look great! I think you mentioned that some of the fall fabrics would be available to order as matching jackets. Is that true of any of the ones posted yesterday? Thanks!
I'm very tempted by the Olive Windowpane tweed, but I can't decide if the colours would work for me. Will the jackets you mentioned arriving in a month include anything else with a big windowpane, bright plaid, etc. or are they mostly more subdued? After picking up the navy herringbone last year I figure I need something fun
So, I managed to miss my size in the CMX Steinbeck boot. The new preorders look great, but since I was looking for a winter boot the CMX might be the better choice. Are they going to be restocked, by any chance? Thanks!
The Steinbeck seems to be online now, and it looks great! What other colours do you think you'll be running it in?
I have an Our Legacy ramie jacket in navy that I'd like to sell (the fabric feels somewhere between cotton and linen: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ramie). It's completely unstructured and effectively unlined (the material is doubled in places but it still has very little structure), has 2 buttons and notch lapels, dual vents, patch pockets, and cut button holes (only one button on each sleeve) so the sleeves can't be altered much. Here's a write-up and some photos from...
I have an Etro jacket in grey plaid/houndstooth with green windowpane that I'd like to sell. It's 100% cashmere, is fully lined, has 3 buttons (the top button rolls a little bit, but it isn't exactly a 3-roll-2) and notch lapels, flap pockets with a ticket pocket, dual vents, and uncut button holes so the sleeves can be altered. P2P: 21" Sleeve (shoulder to cuff): 26.5" Shoulders: 18.5" Length (top of collar to bottom): 32" I'd like to sell it for $125 plus the actual...
I have a Paul Smith seersucker jacket in plaid blue with a light yellow window pane that I'd like to sell. It's from the London line, is partly lined (the back panel is only lined at the shoulders), has 2 buttons and notch lapels, patch pockets, dual vents, and uncut button holes so the sleeves can be altered. P2P: 20.5" Sleeve (shoulder to cuff): 25" Shoulders: 18" Length (top of collar to bottom): 32" I'd like to sell it for $100 plus the actual cost of...
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