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You don't need to worry with either fabric. Well, I think there was a fully-lined Harris tweed trouser offered last year which must have felt a bit bulkier. But you definitely won't feel like you're wearing snow pants! Still, you might think about starting with flannel (a navy or grey is especially easy to wear), it's a little bit more formal and conventional if you're intimidated.
Minor point, but regardless of which is heavier in practice I've found that flannel often wears warmer because the wind cuts right through unlined tweed. Fully lined tweed would be, I'm sure, the warmest of all. Not a big deal but I thought I'd mention it because I was a bit surprised at the difference...Mike, I feel as though you've answered this in the past, but I can't remember: are you planning on offering the polo shirts with long sleeves for the fall/winter?
Thanks for the response. That's fair enough, I know it's not a trivial change. Looking forward to hearing more about the new developments!
Mike, have you ever asked Southwick about offering shoulder slope options for MTO jackets, ie sloped, flat, normal? I know it's probably not a small tweak, and might involve an upcharge, but it's usually tricky and expensive to get done after the fact so it might still be appealing for people who need it. Plus, the MTO options have gotten to be so flexible that it's just about the only thing left between my weirdly proportioned body and a perfect fit
No experience with leaf but I have two pairs of moss. I think they're just about the perfect all-around chino, close enough to a neutral grey to go with almost any colour but just warm/olive enough to be a bit more interesting.
That could be great, although I don't know if I've ever seen a DB Harris tweed?For what it's worth, I'm thinking of ordering one of the Harris tweeds as a SB partly to use as outerwear. I have one in the navy herringbone from a couple of years ago and it's great on cool fall days, just add a scarf and gloves and it's plenty warm. DB might be even better as outerwear, but could also be a bit less versatile as a jacket. I'm thinking of the navy/grey houndstooth for maximum...
Will the Harris tweed MTO only be up for a short time? I'm trying to decide whether to order one, but would love to see some of the other new MTO fabrics before deciding... Thanks!
FF jackets look great! I'm tempted by the Rust and Pale Blue and the Loden and Burnt Orange. Would it be possible to get a sense of how heavy those two are, either by oz or just in a general sense? Also, is there any chance of getting photos of those two swatches set back and at an angle, the way you've done with some of the other swatches (Donegal Grey or Clay Tobacco Houndstooth for example)? I find those photos really help to get a sense of the fabric. Thanks!
The MTO jackets look great! Two quick questions: I think you've mentioned in the past that the in between sizes scale every measurement up or down, but I thought I'd double check about the length. I think a 40 is 1" longer than a 38", so a 39" would be .5" longer than a 38"? Also, the fit is close to perfect on me except the shoulders. I need a bit of shoulder slope, especially for a jacket with so little padding (and I haven't tried one in the Napoli cut, which I...
Is there any chance the "wheat corduroy" would be close enough to the chocolate cords from the most recent factory finds trousers that they could be worn together? I wouldn't expect them to, but they do look very similar on screen... Thanks!
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