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It'd be great to see more photos of the FF jackets that people picked up...
For sale is a pair of Paul Smith brown suede slip on shoes, model name Canada, in size 9D. Worn a handful of times. I had topys put on. Price includes shipping within North America and PayPal fees. Thanks!
For sale is a pair of Crocket and Jones for Polo Ralph Lauren Herend shoes in beechnut, labeled size 9D US and 8.5UK. I believe the last is 337. I've only worn them 7 or 8 times, and they hadn't been worn much when I bought them. They're just a bit too tight on me. Price includes shipping within North America and PayPal fees. Thanks!
For sale is a pair of unworn, new-with-tag Epaulet Walt trousers from last season, size 33. They're a camel base with a medium size brownish check. Hard to describe but look great in person! Price includes shipping in North America and PayPal fees (I could also do an Interac payment). Price is firm. I'll happily keep and wear them if they don't sell! Thanks!
Could I ask what sort of fabrics will be in the stock delivery? Swatches would be fantastic, but if not just a general idea of what'll be included would be great. I've got two MTOs on the go and can only justify one more jacket, so I want to make sure I choose wisely Thanks!
It might be GQ, but it's still good to see Epaulet getting attention: http://www.gq.com/style/blogs/the-gq-eye/2013/09/epaulet-spiewak-n-3b.html
I've always loved this jacket! Is there any chance the material is available for a special order?Thanks!
The other solution to this issue of course is just to order a matching grey flannel jacket I did that last year and it's been great. The jacket on its own is just as versatile as the trousers, in fact I've ended up wearing them as separates more often than as a suit, I think. Highly recommended.
You don't need to worry with either fabric. Well, I think there was a fully-lined Harris tweed trouser offered last year which must have felt a bit bulkier. But you definitely won't feel like you're wearing snow pants! Still, you might think about starting with flannel (a navy or grey is especially easy to wear), it's a little bit more formal and conventional if you're intimidated.
Minor point, but regardless of which is heavier in practice I've found that flannel often wears warmer because the wind cuts right through unlined tweed. Fully lined tweed would be, I'm sure, the warmest of all. Not a big deal but I thought I'd mention it because I was a bit surprised at the difference...Mike, I feel as though you've answered this in the past, but I can't remember: are you planning on offering the polo shirts with long sleeves for the fall/winter?
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