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Is the 19th the actual last day the SM store will be open? I just booked a ticket to LA for the 26th, of course
I have sloping shoulders myself and have found that getting a rough idea of how much a shirt or jacket needs to be adjusted is as simple as...raising my shoulders a bit. If the diagonal creases disappear as they go up then you know that's part of the issue, and can get an idea of how much slope needs to be added to the pattern by estimating how much you have to raise them to get the look you want. Otherwise the fit looks great!
I'd echo the comments about trying to offer more casual fabrics, although for me that's more a question of material than design: linens, cotten/linen blends, and a wider variety of heavy oxfords, flannels, and maybe even some over-dyed oxfords would all be great.
I recently received the second and third shirts I've had made by Proper Cloth. A few thoughts: First, the website is generally excellent. Easy to use, good images of the fabrics, etc. Second, I used measurements from a shirt that already fits well and they seem to have been followed pretty accurately. I made a few small changes with the second order (mainly to address minor issues with the shirt I had based my measurements on) and now have a good fit. The shoulder slope...
FYI, Minnis and Hunt Winterbotham swatches are available directly: https://hfwltd.com/swatchrequest.aspx I got some fresco samples that way. Don't expect a response to the form submission, but the swatches arrived very quickly in the mail.
Here's a pair of pants in 546, it's a bad photo but it might give you a sense of how light it is. It's a great fabric but very light grey, especially for a full suit.
That looks awesome, thanks for posting. I might have a winner.
Do you happen to have any photos? It's on my short list Thanks!
FF shirts look great! Glad to hear about the slightly smaller collar. Out of curiosity, were you still thinking of putting up the FF jackets in the near future? Thanks!
The new cords look great. I'd been thinking about picking up a pair of the steep twills, could you compare the two? Which is heavier/lighter, which has a finer/thicker whale? Also would any of the cords be available as matching jackets? Thanks!
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