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That looks awesome, thanks for posting. I might have a winner.
Do you happen to have any photos? It's on my short list Thanks!
FF shirts look great! Glad to hear about the slightly smaller collar. Out of curiosity, were you still thinking of putting up the FF jackets in the near future? Thanks!
The new cords look great. I'd been thinking about picking up a pair of the steep twills, could you compare the two? Which is heavier/lighter, which has a finer/thicker whale? Also would any of the cords be available as matching jackets? Thanks!
I know this won't be coming out for a while, but do you have any more info about the French work jacket? That piece sounded really interesting...
Sorry, no. I don't wear them anymore because of the size issue, but when I did I kept everything else v simple so the shoes wouldn't be too much. Got lots of compliments though
FWIW I've had two orders of one and two shirts arrive with no extra charges (no taxes, duty, brokerage). You might've been unlucky, or I was lucky.
Great, so far. I think they work well with the texture and weight of the tweed, they might be a bit busy with something less substantial. Either way it looks as though the flaps could just be taken off for plain patch pockets.
I hate to break up the great photos with a crappy bathroom-mirror-at-work selfie, but... Harris tweed navy houndstooth MTO
I'm a 38L which is part of the reason I think the FF jackets can be such a good deal: you can get custom lengths and in-between sizes for no extra charge.
New Posts  All Forums: