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That's good to know. Thanks for the response! And for the photos, both suits look great.
Could I ask, how heavy is the HS linen you've tried? I looked quickly through their books for a heavy plain linen and it seemed as though 10-11oz was the most substantial available. More generally, weight aside, how have you found it in terms of durability, comfort, etc.?
You might be over thinking this. Buy a pair or two and see what you think. I've ordered three times and am happy with what I've received. Also, if you use one of the discount links (20% off) and order 10 (buy 9 and you get one free) the cheapest are USD$7.50 or so.
I don't need much room for suits/jackets, but my Briggs and Riley has been great. Seems to be well made and well thought out, life-time warranty, and the model I have includes an enclosed folding thingy for a suit or jacket: Because it's wide enough to fit a jacket however it exceeds some of the carry-on maximums. They might not have exactly what you need, but I...
Thanks again for the recommendation. I looked at both books and found a few fabrics in CL that I prefer to those I'd seen in CW. The extra weight doesn't hurt, plus I was told it'd be about 10% cheaper for a jacket. Perfect.
Thanks for the response. I'll ask if they have the City of London book as well.
Is anyone familiar with Holland and Sherry's Classic Worsteds? They're all 13oz and pure wool, I believe, and meant to be workhorse fabrics. I was thinking of using a solid navy in what looks like a hopsack for a blazer. Or possibly a subtle navy herringbone, but more likely the solid. Thanks!
I've heard a number of people recommend G+R oxfords, since you already offer some of their other fabrics you might want to have a look at them. In any case I'd also like to see a few more options for oxford fabric, light and heavy. Thanks!
If you can source your own fabric have you heard about these guys, Some of the stuff looks really good, and nice and heavy (19oz and up I think?) plus they sell to the public.
I'm also curious about this. They seem to be a similar shape so it might be a useful comparison...Thanks!
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