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  It's all about personal taste. There is something about handrolled edges/unlined tips that just get people going.. I personally love it..     On certain ties it works better than others, for example, self-tipped grenadines are just way too thick. They need to be untipped or regular silk tipped.
  Resistance is futile.    Thanks for the order!
Try this. Made in England, good cotton and cheaper than many other high-end brands.   http://burtonwode.com/      
  It'll be ehaberdasher.co.uk?
  Thank you 
      Thanks for your input.   There are a few things to take into consideration.   As Michael said, it is helpful to know what was once in stock in case it is possible to reorder. I had quite a few emails to restock the Drake's tiger print squares, which I did. There are probably less than 10 items which I have more than 4 of, when those items sell out they are shown as 'Sold Out', not necessarily have I had the chance to remove them yet, especially during a sale when...
  He looks great. I agree with you though, the top looks tucked in and the pants go up forever. Suits his age though, he probably has 30 years on me.
      Probably a destroyed Borrelli shirt, he sewed on new buttons and a Kiton tie label. I doubt it will sell for more than $1. And yes, interesting finger that guy has.
I really like these.. What does EU54 translate as? I am a 36/38 inch waist. Any when you say slim... I have big thighs! haha.
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