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Some of the items that have been further reduced...   Drake's Scarves - £60 Drake's Ties - £45 Drake's Pocket Squares - £35 Penrose Cufflinks - £45   SHOP NOW         
  This is true. Well said. 
  The new collection is coming soon...       Thank you, kind sir!
Just reduced a bunch of Drake's ties and squares. Also Penrose cufflinks.   An extra 10% is applicable for SF members using the code 'SF10' and there is no VAT outside the EU (automatically taken off at the checkout).    
http://www.sarto.jp/mens/2013/01/07/000332.php   There is an overcoat on that site that is a very similar make to your, Foo. Same pockets, belt, flap, sleeves...
  After all that I wasn't expecting this...
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