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  I totally didn't know this, thanks for the info. I have always wanted to try Budd, their RTW is about the same price as this and their bespoke starts at £195!
I could never wear a DB suit, I think you pull it off very well.
Some exciting things coming to the store over the next few weeks.   A1 by Ring Jacket - Delivery expected today White linen handkerchiefs in 3 sizes and also available in boxes of 3. Can't believe I didn't have any on the site until now! Luxurious ties in cashmere, wool and silk from Napoli.. The maker will be revealed when they arrive in about 10 days, I'm very excited about this one. 50 ties in 3.5" x 59" and 3 ties in 3.25" x 58". More socks from...
  Worn too many times with no socks.. 
Most of the posters here are in the US it seems, I'm in the UK. The price difference for me to add tracking starts at £5 ($8) more than regular mail. What I have found is that people are impatient and want their packages within a day or two, if it doesn't have tracking they'll open a PayPal claim, demand their money back or make a thread about you, saying you're a scoundrel. A tracking number gives that piece of mind that the package is out there and will (eventually)...
  I'm interested in buying.. At the right price 
Interested in selling it?
  I'm just going to have to accept that my fat belly can't deal with Neapolitan shirts.
  Indeed he is, there is a link in his signature that goes to his ebay profile.
  Depends on many things. I've never been hit with fees when buying from ebay or a SF member..
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