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Perfection. Sometimes I see an outfit and wish I could dress like that, this is one of those outfits.
You have my attention...
Here are a few wool options that are quite casual.          The raw silk ties by Drake's are a wonderful alternative to formal business ties as well. A few examples...           
              Winter Accessories by Drake's at The Exquisite Trimmings Webstore   All orders shipped FREE in the UK   No VAT Charged on orders outside the UK
  I appreciate that, thanks!
MalfordofLondon (an esteemed forum member) just posted this: http://www.styleforum.net/t/323464/uk-psa-lewin-navy-bengal-slim-fit-shirt-15, £15 for a TM Lewin shirt, can't go wrong. Also, check out his webstore - http://www.malfordoflondon.com/en/ great items at great prices.   For shoes, I have always had a good experience with http://www.jonesbootmaker.com/ & http://www.herringshoes.co.uk/   Sorry I only gave you online sources.. 
  Was just thinking that... That is the perfect navy blazer, right there.
^ Way too much going on there. 
  Words cannot do that suit justice.  
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