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^ Much better than those light socks.
Grenadine pocket square??
Unfortunately, this thread has been resurrected.  
I got those sunglasses as well!! Good work Stitches.
This is awesome. Thank you.
I'm not convinced it's fake. The lines are wrong and the take looks off, but I have seen woven, unlined, untipped Hermes ties (in the Hermes store). If it's cheap and you like it i.e. would wear it, I'd buy it for myself!!
  If you watch closely, Balotelli makes a real dramatic dive, he just flops to the floor, it does not look like he got pulled down, howver, based on the shirt tugging just before that, if he would've been pulled down, it would've certainly been a penalty.   When players become drama queens it doesn't do their cause any good.   Should it have been a penalty? Yes, but when Balotelli jumped to the floor, the only thing he achieves is to put doubt in the referee's mind.
How do you guys take such amazing shots? Camera? Lighting? Amazing (secret) skills? Settings on your camera? All of the above?
New Posts  All Forums: