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"We may need emergency surgery in the studio" Hilarious 
  Yes, fully trackable in the UK and in the country of destination. You use RoyalMail.com to track it in the UK and then your local postal service website, once it is in the country of destination. I could use a courier, but that would be at extra cost.    
Something very exciting "on the truck for delivery" as we speak! Hope to post more details later!
Every store I know of has big sales on their stuff on Boxing day
  VAT is taken off automatically at the checkout, you don't need to do anything. Then enter the code for 20% off again and finally.. it's free shipping on all orders over 50GBP. 
  Yes, What are you interested in specifically? What I bought was a trial run, and they have sold well already! 
  Haha! Well done, Stitches is proud of you.
Unique, indeed. I could never pull those off.
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