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I wish I could dress like this every day...
  Sounds good to me.   Less than a week to go now!
Quote:   Stunning shoes, well done. Was hoping you'd post what they had in an 11 but it's probably better that way!   How did you hear about the sale?
At least things that take forever actually end up getting done!  
Where are these being shipped from?   TY
These are my grail shoes. Is this size UK or US? and where are thy being shipped from?   TY
  Yes. I am working on a few things, to name one, Saphir shoe care products.
For those in London,/UK  
Directions from Charing Cross Tube station (Shouldn't take more than 5 mintues):   Out of the station turn back onto Northumberland Ave. Make a right onto Great Scotland Yard (The Nigeria High Commission is on the corner of the street.)  
Picture of the outside of the club (There is only 1 entrance):       Directions one inside the Club:   Walk straight ahead On the right will be the lift Take it to the first floor The lift opens into the dining room, which is where the event is being held.   There are people on the reception desk that will be able to assist.     Directions from Embankment Tube station (For me it was a 3 minute walk):   Out of the station,...
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