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Stitches - What camera did you use to get such awesome shots?
  Sounds good. The main thing I was unsure about were the trousers and tie... I'll try to get those items together and post a picture (maybe even wearing them!) 
As the title says! I'm looking for a shirt, tie, pants, PS and shoes to wear with these jackets.   Thanks in advance.        
I have been looking for (a vertical) one of those forever! I am looking for a mini suitable for home use..
Subscribed. Thanks.
That must be the quickest turnaround time ever posted for his stuff on this forum.
I'm in for $200 MOL has some stunning Drake's links at the moment.
I like that theory. Now that everyone's been blasted away. I noticed at the end of the finale they said something like that to Saul...
I have always wanted a pair of green shoes and it seems you like them too! I think the dovers are too casual for the green which, in my mind, is quite formal. That is why I like this!
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