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Oh WOW. You did amazingly well.. Great pickups.
Nice stuff, not my size 
  Like this?  
A new new arrivals in the store over the last few weeks...    Starting with Sozzi Calze.   We now have them in mid-calf and over-the-calf.   There is also the ability on the site to search for OTC or mid-calf socks.. Here is a screenshot of how to do it. In the search bar on the left of the page, scroll down and you'll see the picture below          Pictures of the socks in question... Striped, Birdseye, Houndstooth and Solid Ribbed.   The...
      Thank you, thank you & thank you! 
  They must be tiny because both sides are the same size and one end goes through the button hole..   I saw the exact same links from Codis Maya, only they were larger and not double sided.
Boom! All the ones I want.. Sold!
The last square looks fantastic in the pocket as a puff with only a little bit of the pink showing. It can be as bright as you want it to be..
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