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An absolute beauty. Well done.
Sometimes, people just have the most awesome stuff for sale..    This is one of those threads.
Ok, they are the 52mm version. The RB2132 comes in a 52mm and a 55mm version. Now that's sorted, just need to find out what size is better (hopefully the one you're selling.. for both of us!)
  HAHA!! Was hoping you'd know.. I'm going to Google it. These are the EXACT sunglasses my sister has been begging me to find for her. Just need to figure out the size..
Size on the Ray Bans?
Frasi - Via dei Federighi 50123 Firenze   Madova - Via Dè Guicciardini, 1  50125 Tuscany, Province of Florence, Italy   Liverano & Liverano - Via dei Fossi 43r a Firenze   Post pictures please!!
That's a nice one. Never been able to figure out why they don't sell well at all...
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