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Real luxury.
This thread sucks  Buy everything in your size       See what I did there?
Thanks for the interest. It would probably start in the new year as their latest edition is released December. The Rake is published 6 times a year in  the months of -  March , April ,June , September, October &  December. So the first issue any subscriber will get will be the March issue.    The things is though, before they changed their site, The Rake was listed at $30 a magazine, for back issues at least, and the subscription was at $130 (for UK, Europe and USA..) I...
Hopefully some good news regarding shipping on Monday..
Just saw Charles Tyrwhitt's sale on the US site.. buy 1 shirt, get 2 free. Problem is they made the prices sky high, Jos A. Bank style! Haha.
  Was just about to post that!
That option is going to be available after the weekend. I had never opened an issue of The Rake before I received these.. It is like the best threads on SF x10 in print.
Latest tracking info.  
12 Issues of The Rake Magazine just added to the site - This magazine is well written, the topics are great and the pictures are the cherry on top.    The 12 issues are in stock in London, UK, they are NOT shipped from abroad.   SHOP NOW  
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