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      Thank you, thank you & thank you! 
  They must be tiny because both sides are the same size and one end goes through the button hole..   I saw the exact same links from Codis Maya, only they were larger and not double sided.
Boom! All the ones I want.. Sold!
The last square looks fantastic in the pocket as a puff with only a little bit of the pink showing. It can be as bright as you want it to be..
Some of P. Johnson's new collection.                    
  Thanks. We're getting there...
Wow - So much to respond to!    I have been so out of it recently in more ways than one. I thank everyone for their patience. It has been a really trying time in my personal and business lives. I really appreciate everyone sticking with me! Things are only going to get better.   As a thank you and an apology, there will be 20% off all Antonio Muro ties when using the code "muro" at the checkout. It is the very least I can do for the most loyal, honest and understanding...
  I was just about to ask where you got these done as I was thinking of getting a pair of cufflinks engraved and had no idea where to go. At that price, I'll keep looking!!
My wife thought shantung ties looked like they had been put through the washing machine!   I think they are perfect for a SC outfit, even with a pair of jeans. They are definitely a relaxed, casual take on a tie.
Quote: I imagine his prices are excluding sales tax already, or he's not registered and therefore doesn't charge it in the first place.
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