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We just launched an new promotion. "Item(s) of the Week".   Basically, we will be having an item or a few that will be deeply discount every week. Discounts are exclusive to StyleForum members.   The access this weeks deals, follow this link: http://www.styleforum.net/t/323233/exquisite-trimmings-based-in-london-uk-official-affiliate-thread/390#post_6671891   This weeks deals are 45% off the following items:   Drake's Navajo wool & silk hank UDESHI 7-fold...
Now Launching "Item(s) of the Week" (Until we come up with a better name!)     The theme for this week is "45%" - All items included in the sale are 45% off their original (or sale) price.      The Rules:   To get the discount, simply enter the code "WEEK1" at the checkout. Discount is valid for 1 week from the start date. Then the coupon code will expire. If items sell out, please inquire about a restock as I might be able to get more. Any questions, PM or...
^ They are really fantastic. Perfect for Autumn (fall).
Not one thing in my size. My wallet thanks you. 
^ Love that jacket.
 I know which one's you're talking about. They are MOP with a sterling silver back. The are sitting on something though.. (If that makes sense!) The Rubinacci ones are just sort of floating on a gold string! Both pairs are beautiful links though.. Just trying to explain why the Rubinacci are that much more expensive. 
Awesome thread... Simon Crompton at Permanent Style wrote a few articles about cloth and the mills they are produced in. Will post links later.
Since I am a "Furriner", I had to go with them, especially since Pingson and Claghorn were rocking it. 
Looks like an awfully large serving of sweetbread to me. I'd have a hard time dissecting brains, but eating in one bite, less of an issue.
Just finalising my order with Rubinacci and would like to offer some of the items I'm not that sure about here at a discount to see if there is interest.   Available for Pre-Order, basically before they go on my site and will be more expensive, are the Fortunello, good luck, charm bracelet and mother-of-pearl button cufflinks.   The Fortunello is made from red coral and has a gold clasp. This is an incredibly unique and rare piece. At the moment, it's not even...
New Posts  All Forums: