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Possibly the least dramatic season finale I've ever seen...
 Wow! Those prices are fantastic.
Rubinacci for Exquisite Trimmings.   Coming soon...  
Please email me with a screen shot of what you're seeing. Shaya @ exquisite trimmings. Com.As I mentioned above, VAT should be deducted when you choose your shipping option or enter your location.
Yeah... that was a total wtf moment.
 VAT should be taken off when you select shipping options/enter your location. I'm not sure why you're seeing only a 20%. Please email me a screenshot of what you're seeing and I'll try to help out.  Just wantto apologise to anyone experiencing a delay in my responses (or the website working) it's been a tough week with my website down, email down and now someone drove into the internet box at the end of my street so my internet is down. Having to work off my phone which...
 The auction includes all possibilites, there will be no extra cost for anything. If you want a regular 3 fold, that's fine. If you want a 12 fold with your initials on, that's also fine. Whatever construction you choose is part of the auction.
Price drop - £300 and a free pocket square!
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