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The new styles (and restocks) of Albert Thurston braces are now live on the site. We now have 21 styles from Albert Thurston.   Here is the link: http://www.exquisitetrimmings.com/products/Accessories/Braces            
 Ahh.. I see it now. Thanks for the info.
 Saved them from humiliation.
Thanks for the pictures. I am getting seriously excited for when I go there next month.   The entrance to Cacciopoli is different on Google maps than what you posted. When I was in UDESHI's store a few weeks a go I saw these fabrics from the Cacciopoli books, so that's definitely on my itinerary now.    
 From what I know, Vanda uses Molloy & Sons donegal fabric, they specifically weave the fabric at a good weight for ties, their standard fabric is a heavier weight more suited to tailored clothing. I was sent this fabric a couple of days ago by a supplier. I'm going to have it made up into a few ties. 
Hart totally saved City. Literally! Missed the 2nd half but could've been 3-0 in the first.
​    These are awesome    ​ 
The power of Styleforum! Amazing.
 It's better not to think about it... You Americans and your bargains! 
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