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 No, it won't. Just forget about it. Bye... 
We need to arrange something like this for the UK/Europe...
 Anything is possible. I'm also surprised they haven't sold out... Just need more press I think. Just so you know, they are available at a 10% discount using the StyleForum "SF10" code at the checkout.
Wow! That place is incredible. Thank you so much for the pictures.   Do they make bespoke ties as well??
Really neat and very nice. Deserves praise. Excited to see your webstore, I was disappointed that nothing in your recent sales was in my size. The price/quality ratio was outstanding.
Q: Are there any luxury, clothing or other, items that you have not handled, that you would very much like to do so??   A: ?
 I am totally open to suggestions. Not every week will be the same discount, same amount of items etc.. part of the surprise.  Many thanks! Will be shipped tomorrow.
 Thank you .
Damn this is tempting...
We just launched an new promotion. "Item(s) of the Week".   Basically, we will be having an item or a few that will be deeply discount every week. Discounts are exclusive to StyleForum members.   The access this weeks deals, follow this link: http://www.styleforum.net/t/323233/exquisite-trimmings-based-in-london-uk-official-affiliate-thread/390#post_6671891   This weeks deals are 45% off the following items:   Drake's Navajo wool & silk hank UDESHI 7-fold...
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