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   Your kind words make all the hard work worthwhile. Thank you gents. I look forward to seeing your fit pictures 
 Details on tie and pocket square? Also, no buttonhole on your lapel... Was that on purpose? Looking good, my friend!
@Stitches - I would love to own every pair of shoes in your closet. Not a bad one in sight!
Really busy with uploading new arrivals (see post above.)   Just finished working out a good deal.   Not sure if anyone else in the UK is selling these.   I'll just leave this here as a teaser..... Expected delivery, 2 weeks.    
 I just finished uploading about 20 new Drake's ties. All in 9cm. Here is a link to the new arrivals: http://www.exquisitetrimmings.com/products/show/newitems There are some new shantungs, shetland wools, grenadines, jacquards, mohair blends, a really nice wool grenadine and two awesome 22oz prints. I still have about 5 more styles to upload then I'm done. Some new pocket squares have arrived as well.  P.S. If you have noticed a few changes on the site, this is just the...
 I'll find out if this can still be done for the S/S order. Drake's don't normally allow any changes after you place the order. I was slightly surprised to see that they don't change the length when you change from their house width. I was hoping it would be around a 59".... In the future, I'll obviously have to specify. Funny you should be particular about the length of the narrower blade. I also am, and it slightly borders on #menswear. That being said, nothing like this...
 Love these. Definitely worth a full requote.
 This is great.
 You're very welcome. I still have another 20/30 Drake's ties to upload to the site. It will probably be the largest collection on the internet. Definitely the largest collection of Drake's 9cm ties to be found anywhere.
New Posts  All Forums: