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I was eyeing that jacket, it was too small though.It's an absolute beauty. I hope you enjoy it!
New Drake's Spring/Summer scarves are now online.   4 Styles to choose from.   http://www.exquisitetrimmings.com/products/Designer/Drake_P_27s/    
Incredible selection
 For those that would like to purchase the DVD, it's available in my store. Link: http://www.exquisitetrimmings.com/products/Accessories/Documentaries/54-Hours-of-Rubinacci.html
Zig-Zag knit ties by Sozzi. Available in 10 colours.   http://www.exquisitetrimmings.com/products/Ties/Sozzi-Zig-Zag-Silk-Knit-Tie.html  
Leonardo Bugelli in Florence - http://www.leonardobugelli.it I haven't had anything made but @Leaves has.
And the winner is...   Not sure whether I'm really happy or sad that it's not my size.  
I've seen them at Pitti the last couple of years I've been. Their minimum order put me off, but beautiful bags.
 I have more that will be going on the site next week. I'll try to post a group shot tomorrow.
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