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Beautiful fabric.
 Really like this. Don't see brown pants that often.
I am much more worried about England leaving the EU.. Shipping prices will have to be increased.   If Scotland's freedom increases my orders, I'm all for it!! 
These are stunning.
 Just about!! I thought we would lose 
 I'm there just for the day. I never go for more than a couple of days at a time.
What do you guys think of these?      
Some new pocket square arrivals...   Exquisite Trimmings   These were printed and handrolled in England. The prints are based on archive designs from David Evans. They are 70% wool 30% silk and 16" (42cm) square.   There are 3 prints (Egyptian, American Indian and Aztec) available in 2 colour ways.   Check them out here: http://www.exquisitetrimmings.com/products/?searchstr=motifs             Drake's   There are now 49 styles from the Drake's...
New Posts  All Forums: