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Thanks for the bids so far and the kind words, Fok! It's an honour to be part of this. Just to clarify.. The auction is for: Bespoke Grenadine Tie - Both weaves, grossa and fina, are available. In the fina (fine) weave there are 15 colour available. In the grossa (large) weave there are 24 colours available. We also have a fine weave grenadine with spots in 8 colours. These ties are available in any number of construction options and your can personalise it even further by...
Just found this thread and all I can say is WOW! They make beautiful shoes. I'm not such a fan of the large stitching but can definitely appreciate the craftsmanship.
Apologies if anyone is experiencing problems accessing the site. It's being fixed right now.
 Quinn is awesome. Definitely my favorite character at the moment.
No problem! I have that in a 3.25" only.. sorry. Just updated the stock. Been meaning to do that for a while. http://www.exquisitetrimmings.com/products/Ties/Black-and-White-Prince-of-Wales-Check-Tie.html
 Not sure what you mean..  Apparently I'm owed some ties but they're yet to show up. The new S/S15 stuff will be arriving around February, but I'm working on getting my order of pocket squares before then.
Just a heads up as to what is arriving this week... Full Rubinacci restock plus some cufflinks and ties Mario Talarico Umbrellas
 I am going to have new Tie Your Tie swatches for bespoke available around Christmas time.
 Thank you!
@Anden  @ThinkDerm @Cleav @mimo - Thanks for the kind words guys! Really appreciate it.   ... And thanks to everyone else that bought something in the sale. Without you I wouldn't be here!    @ThinkDerm There's some new arrivals on the way, don't worry about that!!!
New Posts  All Forums: