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 Can you post an example?In the spoiler below, are all the Drake's ties that will be put on the site tomorrow. There are some stunning block stripe donegal grenadines in there!  [[SPOILER]]
 I have inquired. Will post the answer when I hear back.
For those that have noticed that the ties and pocket squares section is missing, there are a few updates that are being done to the site. It should be fixed soon.   Sorry for the inconvenience.
 If you want to make connections in the textile industry, this is a must: http://www.milanounica.it/ENG/home.php
 Is there no lapel hole or are my eyes deceiving me!? Was that on purpose?
I'm having a few packages that seem to be held up in customs when entering the US. I just keep seeing the message below. Is anyone else experiencing this?  
GORDON SCOTT (CREEPER) CROCKETT & JONES BROWN CHELSEA BOOTS UK 11 EU 45 US 12 - BIN £79.99   http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GORDON-SCOTT-CREEPER-CROCKETT-JONES-BROWN-CHELSEA-BOOTS-UK-11-EU-45-US-12-/381229361376?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item58c30a68e0
Some examples of the different woods that Talarico uses.   Hickory   Bamboo   Cherry   Malacca     Congo   Tiger Hickory Lemon  
Ave Rossini SC 46EU - This is an absolute bargain for the quality.  
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