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There's also this with regard to how trousers should fit...   http://putthison.com/post/18794580651/how-pants-should-fit-its-much-easier-to-get  
 Is the tie printed or woven? In the sitting shot it looks like one of the those large scale madders but in the close up it looks like a woven jacquard. Whatever the case, looking good!
I'd add this one by St. Crispins as well, but that's it.
Beautiful and great price.
That is incredible. Best of luck and continued success.
 That jacket is incredible. Has it been worn a lot or did it have a worn effect when bought? Edit: I see link above. If I didn't have a Valstar safari jacket on the way I would go and purchase it now.
 Churros, right?  I'm going to start making my own pasta, I always imagined it was really difficult, but watching a few videos and reading a few books, it doesn't seem that difficult. Please tell me I'm right!
 That does indeed...
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