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^^ That is seriously awesome!
 Enjoy your items! It was the first Chinese monogram that we've done. I think it came out very well.
@Sotiris Great picture. Very well put together.
  Interesting. Madder "Buff" has a similar colour reverse side, but that's because it's hasn't been dipped in the indigo dye.. Also, I see that these are made in Italy, whereas the only madder I know of is made in the UK. Drake's have something coming up in their AW15 collection called a "Dusty Madder", if I remember correctly, that was pretty similar to this tie (had a gold reverse) and was made in Italy as well. In this case I wouldn't say it's a sign of the printing...
Really great thread, bravo @Cleav 
 This. In this picture you can see it's not as bright. Are you sure it's madder? I've not seen a madder where the underside is white before. 
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 Damn! That's not bad at all. Great find.
My first pair of Crocketts, very impressed with the quality, fit and everything really.. It won't be my last!  
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New Posts  All Forums: