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The Kingsman grenadine a lined/silk tipped. That makes it cheaper. The one on The Armoury site is a grenadine grossa, not fina, like the Kingsman. The one on Drakes.com is handrolled, making it more expensive, but when did they up the price to £125!?
Absolute bargains here.
 I visit just a couple of the halls and always miss out things. You have to be incredibly organised to get everything done in the time it's open. Especially if you have appointments outside of the Pitti fair.
Looking forward to meeting you guys there!
Perfect trouser wardrobe right there.
I completely agree with you. That seems to be the Rubinacci style with regard to ties though. I have tried to keepp my collection as tasteful as possible, but have thrown a few "classic" Rubinacci's in there. Available now online: http://www.exquisitetrimmings.com/products/Designer/Rubinacci/ I look forward to hearing your comments!                      
Possibly the least dramatic season finale I've ever seen...
 Wow! Those prices are fantastic.
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