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^ Very awesome haul!!
I honestly don't think it has anything to do with the fabric. The rolled edges may play a part, but I don't have a non-rolled example to look at.   Below is a picture of a standard woven silk jacquard, sorry for the crappy picture, you can see the roll pretty clearly though.     If you see this video of how Drake's ties are made, watch around the 35 seconds mark and about 1:24, you'll see how they press the ties. Tie Your Tie do not do this at all.  
 Different colourway, but he probably has the one above as well. http://www.patriziocappelli.it/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=2_61&products_id=1676
 I think it comes from being very lightly pressed, if at all. The fabric is just folded and stitched.
 Thanks for the mention! As I just posted in the Noodle's thread, I use the same tie maker as Viola Milano. That being said, I've had no complaints regarding the size of the knot. Could be that VM mainly makes 7-folds which would have less lining than the 3-folds which I stock. With regard to Tie Your Tie, my order with them is for ties that are 3.25" (8cm) they seem thinner because of the 3D look but if you flatten it along the seams (kinda hard to explain!) it should be...
 Fabric is from Como, fully hand stitched in Italy, hand rolled edges, 3-fold. Made by the same company as Viola Milano. If there's any other questions, ask away!
@The Noodles Pretty sure this search will take you to all the Drake's, 9cm ties on the site: http://www.exquisitetrimmings.com/products/Accessories/Ties/#Designer=Drake%27s&ItemSize=3.5%2522%2520%289cm%29 Thanks! I'll take whatever you'd like me to! The Rubinacci squares (and other items) will be going through a pretty steep (and permanent) price drop over the next few days. Keep your eyes peeled!
It's strange to talk about Winter when Summer hasn't started yet, but Drake's has some very exciting pieces to come.   Samples (1 piece of each) will be available at the pop-up shop I'm hosting at the beginning of June. Some highlights below.  
 Apple wood isn't available yet... He'll be in touch once it arrives.
 Glad it arrived! Only the solid colour canopy umbrellas come with a cover.
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