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 One day, over a nice drink, I'll tell you some stories...  There are boxes and boxes aside from what is on show and then you have the bespoke fabrics. It's endless. The amazing thing is, Patrizio has the patience and doesn't mind you taking your time and opening every box he has.
 Really surprised the rabbit fur didn't work out for you,.. the pairs I've tried on were super comfortable and VERY warm. I don't see why people need to line peccary with cashmere, it is superbly warm on it's own and in my opinion totally misses the point of feeling the indescribable feeling of Peccary against your skin.
Great write up and thanks for the pictures.   Those buttonholes belong in the 'Buttonhole P0rn' thread. Really beautiful teardrop shape.   I don't know much, but the stuff he's made for you looks flawless.
Some pictures from my visit to E.G. Cappelli                                      
This is the video that I learned from. It's the best one out there. 
 You are correct. This is the same tie as here: http://www.exquisitetrimmings.com/products/Ties/Blue-and-Green-Pure-Wool-Donegal-9cm-Tie.html I don't believe I have the tie in the first link.
Some pictures of the E.G. Cappelli ties that were put on the site last week.   http://www.exquisitetrimmings.com/products/Designer/E.-G.-Cappelli/     Prices start at £65 (inc. VAT).     Click on the pictures to enlarge.   Prints                                   Wool Challis              Wool/Cashmere             
 I have updated both grenadine listing to reflect the actual stock. There are some navy 8cm grossa left in stock...  http://www.exquisitetrimmings.com/products/Ties/Handrolled-Fine-Weave-Grenadine-Ties.html http://www.exquisitetrimmings.com/products/Ties/Handrolled-Large-Weave-Grenadine-Ties.html  I'm not sure what you mean... Do you have a fabric in mind that you would like Tie Your Tie to make up for you or would you like me to ask them for different fabrics?  Email...
 Not according to the store locator on their website...http://www.theartofgallo.com/#/storelocator
 Which grenadines are you interested in? Cashmere should be back around the new year. I will post here/send out a newsletter when they arrive.  I picked what was already available in the store, these ties weren't made specially for me. I would say they go in this order (firmest lining first):3-fold printed 5-fold printed Self-tipped wool challis Untipped wool/cashmere/wool challis 7-fold unlined Hope that helps.  PM sent.
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