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 This is a lesson for life!
 Agree. Purple socks and suede loafers is just so good!
  Great use of an orange tie.
There is no other glove that compares to peccary. It is sublime. I wear mine while driving. I don't feel like they're a burden when doing stuff.
For anyone that isn't aware, there's free shipping on all orders over £200. This is a permanent thing.   From today till Christmas, all orders in the EU will be upgraded to express shipping at no extra charge. Just pay the regular fee and it will be upgraded. This should guarantee that all packages arrive in time.
 Due to their size, they have to be shipped with UPS which is considerably more expensive than Royal Mail. Sorry about that.
@ReedCA @justinkapur Totally agree with Justin. I wear the same size Valstar as I do suit.
 @hrv123 Are you referring to the Scott & Charters shawl cardigan? If so, then yes, I wear a 44 jacket and take a 44 in the cardigan. You could size down for a slimmer fit, but I'd be concerned about the sleeve length...
BLACK FRIDAY SAVE 20%* USE CODE: BLACKFRIDAY**   Free shipping on all orders over £200. No code needed.     Shop Now     *Sale excludes Exquisite Trimmings branded items and items already on sale **Code expires Monday 7th December Midnight (GMT)
 @mp94 The cardigans fit true to size. So please take note of the number rather than S, M, L etc... A 38 should fit fine.
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