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 Hmm.. This does happen sometimes. I've sent Royal Mail an email to see if they can shed any light on this. Hopefully the package will show some movement before they respond. I don't think the parcel will show up on the Canadian site before it's actually been scanned once it's landed there.
What do you guys think about the Drake's 9cm width ties that are on the site?   Their normal length is 147cm, whereas I normally stock 150cm length for the 9cm width ties, but with Drake's I always forget to change that on the order!!   Does anyone want the 150cm length or is everyone fine with the standard 147cm length?
  I am humbled! Thank you.
 Very nice indeed. I think that's the definition of understated elegance.
So many shipping issues in here! I'm sorry guys! At the moment, Royal Mail is the cheapest (tracked) way to ship the packages internationally. I'm working on something with DHL, but might have to increase the price slightly.. We shall see!     In other news, just thought I'd give StyleForum a heads up (before social media/newsletter) that there's some serious markdowns in the sale section: - The items won't be...
Great thread idea! I've found thrifting in London to be a bit crazy, but if I find anything interesting, I'll be sure to post it.
 This is a lesson for life!
 Agree. Purple socks and suede loafers is just so good!
  Great use of an orange tie.
There is no other glove that compares to peccary. It is sublime. I wear mine while driving. I don't feel like they're a burden when doing stuff.
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