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Beautiful shoes!
 There's not going to be any 3.5" in this shipment. Sorry.  I was fortunate to be offered some 36oz fabric from Adamley. It was small pieces. There's enough for about 1-2 ties from each piece. I'll be offering 3 fold ties and some 7 fold ties from the fabric. I went with 8cm x 147cm (3.25" x 57") for the 3 fold ties and 8.5cm x 150cm (3.3" x 59") for the 7 fold ties. To call them limited edition is a bit of an understatement, some of the fabric was marked E. Marinella,...
 You are absolutely killing it. Thanks for posting. (P.S. Thanks for pointing out about the new logo... I'll make a post about that soon once everything is complete, printing stuff takes an absolute age!)
This thread: http://www.styleforum.net/t/470868/pocket-square-stitching-how-picky-are-you-a-poll highlights the difference.  
 I was speaking with someone recently that told me his pocket squares are rolled by hand but stitched by machine, if that makes sense. Having seen them, I could not tell the difference between entirely machine done and done by hand.
 Turnbull & Asser is always the one that springs to mind. (Along with Hermes, of course!)
Rubinacci now on Mr Porter! http://www.mrporter.com/en-gb/mens/designers/rubinacci
 Wow! When I spoke with them about this, they said that they don't even plan to reprint them. I've got 8, 10, 23, 26, and 28. 8 and 10 aren't mine, someone asked me to find a buyer.. wants about £50 each! Needless to say, I still have them!f
 Quite a few are sold out, which is a real pain in the ass.
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