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 @in stitches This just arrived...  [[SPOILER]]
Awesome. Thanks for sharing.
Thanks for the kind words guys @Cleav @Bertelsen@MrNestor @steffenbp11@NickInTO @TweedyProf    Really glad you guys like the selection and own branded stuff. It makes it all worthwhile.     P.S. Love the shirt collar!      Working on uploading some new arrivals today... Stay tuned.
Your photography is awesome. Looking forward to the auctions.
Looking forward to seeing more pictures! So far it looks amazing.
 I think it's deeper than that (meaning just Man City's problem)... Players in the EPL are paid too much to care whether they win or not.
That's a beauty!
 Nasri should've been sent off as well. They just gave up towards the end, stopped chasing and trying to win. Awful. It's been a bad week for English teams.
Very similar to Drake's. Made in Italy. Machine rolled edges. Simon Crompton criticised the contrast stitching on the hems. http://www.permanentstyle.co.uk/2014/09/brands-that-werent-quite-right.html#.VFqgU0viOIA There is a new collection coming out soon. I'll see if I can get some images.
  Kopped the Kiton scarf!! Thanks 
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