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Would love to take the first jacket off your hands, but there;s no way it's going to fit me.
 Totally agree... He was fantastic for Liverpool but went down the tubes at Chelsea.
Congratulations. I hope everyone is well.
WHY?! WHY?! This is extremely tempting. Normally when you offer things, I am thankful they aren't in my size, now you have taken that away!
 There will be a limited restock coming in September. I'll announce it here. The jackets will be available then at the price that they are available now, even though the sale would've finished, if that makes sense!
 You're welcome! I have had a few orders that have disappeared off the face of the Earth in the past 2 weeks, so I'm glad yours made it. P.S. I like your Tumblr!
@NickInTO Do you think that shoe is too formal to go with khakis? Might pull the trigger on it myself.
When I was in NY about 2 years ago the Barney's sale was great, since then they went online. I guess it's all gone downhill from there. @CrimsonSox What you just posted sounds good though.
20% sale on most items when using the code 'BANK20' at the checkout. Expires 1st September. www.ExquisiteTrimmings.com.
New Posts  All Forums: