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I'm proud to announce that Exquisite Trimmings will be hosting a pop-up shop in Central London. This will be a great opportunity for people to see the products in person and ask any questions they might have.   We will be having a few MTO items available as well as the stock from the website. Just finalising a few more details as to what exactly they will be at the moment.   Place: 201 Portobello Road (near the corner of Blenheim Crescent/Talbot Road) - Nearest Tube...
Merz b. Schwanen is now available online!   We've gone with a few staple styles to start our collection.   Shop here: http://www.exquisitetrimmings.com/products/Designer/Merz-b.-Schwanen/    
There's some new items added to the sale section. There's some really great prices for some items from last season's collections.   Link: http://www.exquisitetrimmings.com/products/show/saleitems
 Looking good! @Cleav
 Can you post an example?In the spoiler below, are all the Drake's ties that will be put on the site tomorrow. There are some stunning block stripe donegal grenadines in there!  [[SPOILER]]
 I have inquired. Will post the answer when I hear back.
For those that have noticed that the ties and pocket squares section is missing, there are a few updates that are being done to the site. It should be fixed soon.   Sorry for the inconvenience.
 If you want to make connections in the textile industry, this is a must: http://www.milanounica.it/ENG/home.php
 Is there no lapel hole or are my eyes deceiving me!? Was that on purpose?
I'm having a few packages that seem to be held up in customs when entering the US. I just keep seeing the message below. Is anyone else experiencing this?  
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