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 What a fantastic bag. Pity it's a one off. I would really like to have something like that made up. 
 I have a similar colour pair, but with a houndstooth pattern. Always wondered what to wear with them as well.
 Yes!! That is seriously awesome. The fabric on the SC is to die for.
 Tie Your Tie have some beautiful wool stripes and checks for this season. I picked some with oranges and brown tones. (Pictures in the spoiler.)  [[SPOILER]]
Details on the bag please!
 Are you sure? I have always been told by customers in the US that around £50 is the limit... Edit: Some couriers issue a charge based on the fact that they have to do paperwork to clear the goods, whether it is over the limit or not.
 Wow. I need those trousers now (and the shoes!)
 I was going to pick up a few pairs but was unsure on the sizing and shipping was expensive to the UK. Deals like that won't be seen again.
 That is amazing.
 Thanks for the reply. That's a good idea.  Eidos is based in NY. Not sure how convenient it would be for them. Worth asking though. Would more likely be the end of November, end of December would be far too busy.
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