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Could just be that I tie a terrible knot   I speak with Patrizio in English all the time. There might be very specific things that he might not understand but it's still worth a shot.   If you're going to be in London at the beginning of September you can speak with him in person
 Are these by J. Fitzpatick? I've been very tempted to get a pair.
For the experts out there..   Are these real?   Full listing here.  
If I didn't have about 50 pairs of pants, I would make these mine.
Working through the new arrivals...   Proraso is now online!   We've got all your shaving needs sorted, creams, aftershave and smaller items that are perfect for travel.   Shop now:      
For some reason, I've been tempted to try some shirts from New & Lingwood recently. Perhaps, I should stay away!   Sorry I didn't help answer your question.
Kevin Seah posted this on his Instagram today. I have a friend that works there, having seen his work in person, it is absolutely top notch. I have no experience with Kevin's work though.  
 You're going to have to get very lucky to find quite a few Drake's ties in the styles you like at less than £65. Right now, Mr Porter has 4 ties at £62.50. The good designs don't stick around for long once the price drops lower than this.
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