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 I was told recently that Valstar is undergoing a change in management and that the 3 weeks to make a jacket would no longer apply. I was told that if I order now, the jackets will be available no earlier than September. If you haven't received a response yet, let me know and I'll send you an email for someone you can contact there.
 @venividivicibj Here's a picture I took today at my pop-up shop. Hope it helps. 
 No worries, mate. We'll meet one day!
 To cut a long story short, unfortunately, yes they are.
 I can relate! Looking good nevertheless.
These make me laugh every time. Keep up the good work!
 Tussah is the perfect mix of linen and shantung. Definitely one of my favourites from Drake's.
The new Rubinacci pricing has been implemented on the site.   Ties: £115 - £95 (17%) Pocket Squares: £85 - £65 (23%) Bracelets: £40 - £35 (12%) Fortunello (green): £280 - £165 (41%) Fortunello (red): £460 - £285 (38%) Cufflinks: £315 - £230 (26%)   These prices are now permanent. Sales may be less frequent, but at least prices are in line with other retailers.
^ Very awesome haul!!
I honestly don't think it has anything to do with the fabric. The rolled edges may play a part, but I don't have a non-rolled example to look at.   Below is a picture of a standard woven silk jacquard, sorry for the crappy picture, you can see the roll pretty clearly though.     If you see this video of how Drake's ties are made, watch around the 35 seconds mark and about 1:24, you'll see how they press the ties. Tie Your Tie do not do this at all.  
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