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 You are in for a treat.
  Thanks for the review! I really appreciate it. Enjoy the ties. The mohair you chose is one of the ties of the season, it has a sort of messy look, but is so soft, it's incredible. I think your tie collection is a great start.. Maybe a couple of solid and striped grenadines (which I have arriving next week... ) and a few striped repp ties and that's your basic collection done.
 Shipping to the EU (Sweden) won't be more than £30. Unless you want 100 hangers! PM or email me what you're thinking of ordering and I'll be able to quote you a much more exact figure.  Thank you!  PM sent.
Size too big 
 That is a really good tip. Thanks.
 This! Doesn't just apply to jrd... That smoking jacket 
 +1 Really enjoyed all that shoe p0rn.
Week 2 has launched, this week's items are...   Shoe care - 20% of our full range of shoe care, including Saphir, shoe trees, Abbeyhorn shoe horns and our latest product, the high-gloss shine water dispenser.   Butler Luxury Hangers - We have introduced a shirt and coat hanger to the range and have reduced all prices for 1 week only.   To get the discount, simply enter the code "WEEK2" at the checkout.   (Prices include VAT, which will be taken off at the checkout...
New Posts  All Forums: