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 Still seriously cheap. I've been offered these at £500 wholesale!
EG Dover and G&G Hove   http://www.styleforum.net/t/396814/g-g-hove-eg-dover-size-10e-and-10-5e     Napoli Su Misura Suits, Sport Coats and Pants   http://www.styleforum.net/t/382707/price-drops-9-3-14-napolisumisura-bespoke-suits-sport-jackets-and-trousers#post_7365652     Both these guys have some incredible stuff for sale.
Some incredible stuff in here. Just wish something was my size.
Some new arrivals...   Exquisite Trimmings   The linen pocket squares with a coloured edge are back in stock in 3 colours, navy, light blue and black. Unlike the previous batch which were made in Italy, these are printed and hand rolled in England.   View more details and purchase here: http://www.exquisitetrimmings.com/products/Pocket-Squares/Finest-Linen-Handkerchiefs-with-Coloured.html       Added a staple grenadine to the collection. Handrolled in Italy...
Why rock the boat? Is it really that being part of the UK?
Cannot believe these haven't been snapped up. Two stunning pairs of shoes.
I think the Scots are scared UKIP is going to get voted in and they don't want them to have a piece of the oil money.
 Looks like he has something in his breast pockets.
 Didn't even think about that. Hopefully I won't have to think about it for a while!
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