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 Hi there!! Thanks for the mention. Answers to your questions: Pretty much. Not only most appropriate but look the best, in my opinion at least. Have you contacted me about this tie stain before? Someone else recently contacted me about a stain they got on their tie, it appears there's no real solution and I was unable to get that fabric back in order to have it remade. As @Henry Carter said, the silk is from Adamley. I buy my fabric from what they have in stock. The...
I've found some fantastic items in thrift stores in the UK. Not anywhere near as cheap as the thrift prices that can be found in American stores though. 
A lot of outlet style shops do this. I know in the UK, most of the stuff TK Maxx sells is their own brand. The issue with these items is that they don't have an RRP that they are being marked down from. There was a documentary I saw about this a while back.
 Peccary is unbelievable, I didn't understand why it was so expensive until I tried it on. Not sure why anyone would get it lined with cashmere though, sort of defeats the point and it is incredibly warm as it is.
A sneak preview of some new Macclesfield print that have arrived. On the site over the next week.      
Some new arrivals   19 Andrea's 47                    
 All Rubinacci pocket squares will be restocked along with some new ties and other bits! Just taking forever to arrange. I will update this thread as soon as the new stock arrives.
^ That is beautiful.
 Also interested 
Really like these.
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