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   These 2 are incredible. Good work fellas.
That bag... 
 That looks amazing. Wear it in good health.
Really beautiful shoes. Wow!
  I purchased a pair of braces from TM Lewin, this could've been before they started buying from Albert Thurston (it was almost 4 years ago), but the leather ends ripped after a couple of wears, if indeed they were leather to begin with, I'll have to check.  I seriously doubt they are just selling the same product for less. We have one pair that is pretty...
 Totally agree. If the leather is good quality they will mould to your hand.
Good work, Fok. Hope it's even more successful than the last one.
 Email sent.  I don't have an update at this moment. Sorry. I will let you know as soon as I do.
 No more than a couple of years old. You can tell by the label. My guess would be madder as well. If it has a chalky feel then it is.
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