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Week 6... This week, it's grenadine ties.   The Rules:   Any questions, PM or email me: shaya@exquisitetrimmings.com All prices include VAT which will be taken off at the checkout for non-EU purchases. Shipping is not included in the price.     For this weeks lineup, I would like to introduce a new product line that we will slowly be releasing over the coming months. Called the 'Basics Collection' it will be ties and pocket squares released under the Exquisite...
I was a stockist last year of Dents and changed to Merola for the following reasons:- The cashmere lining came loose.- I found they fit in the hand but the fingers were too long, if that makes sense!- The thumb was too far away from the hand and the leather crumpled. Again, if that makes sense!I was considering the other company that is a few booths away from Merola, I have forgotten the name, but they didn't seem the slightest bit interested in doing business so I went...
 I am in love with those green gloves. I think these would go nicely with a blue coat.. They are bordeaux and have a purple-ish tinge to them. Lined with grey cashmere.
^ That is awesome!
   Absolutely love these two.
 I think it's this one. I was thinking he was the bomber, but then he wasn't so now I'm thinking who the hell is he...
 Wow! £150 for those! That is a steal.
One of my favourite ties of the season. The Drake's super repp with shantung stripe. As modelled by my mannequin!   We have it available in a few colour-ways and widths.   http://www.exquisitetrimmings.com/products/?searchstr=shantung+stripe  
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