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Some new pocket square arrivals...   Exquisite Trimmings   These were printed and handrolled in England. The prints are based on archive designs from David Evans. They are 70% wool 30% silk and 16" (42cm) square.   There are 3 prints (Egyptian, American Indian and Aztec) available in 2 colour ways.   Check them out here: http://www.exquisitetrimmings.com/products/?searchstr=motifs             Drake's   There are now 49 styles from the Drake's...
  Really appreciate the kind words. Thank you.
I never get tired of seeing pictures of Naples, I'm getting excited for my trip there in October.
  You're welcome 
  Thanks for stepping in @mezentius. The SF10 code has been activated for September to offer a 15% discount. This will go back to being 10% at the beginning of October.
 Glad to hear it all arrived safely. Enjoy it in good health.
Would love to take the first jacket off your hands, but there;s no way it's going to fit me.
 Totally agree... He was fantastic for Liverpool but went down the tubes at Chelsea.
Congratulations. I hope everyone is well.
WHY?! WHY?! This is extremely tempting. Normally when you offer things, I am thankful they aren't in my size, now you have taken that away!
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