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 Yes it is a permanent thing, I think it is in place of the sample sales they have every now and then. Also, since they just got the new building, it is just part of that as opposed to having to rent a place every now and then. Makes sense to me.... I didn't see the prices on everything but the ties were £65, cashmere scarves were £125 and there sport coats were around £650... The items there are definitely from a few seasons ago, but there are a few basic items there that...
(Double post)
Some pictures of the stuff on display at the opening of the Drake's factory store.                              
 Don't feel bad, they've sold a few. Also, read their affiliate thread. It is pretty painful in the beginning, they get slammed!!
  Saw those at the opening of the Drake's factory (that reminds me, I have to post pictures...). How do you like the tie? I was really tempted to buy one but after seeing it in person, I thought the paisley was slightly too large for my taste. You got it at Leffot, right?
 PM sent.
Starting from Sunday evening we will be having an "Item(s) of the Week" - Basically, an item from the store that will be available, for one week only, at a special discount. Most items in the store are very limited stock so once they're gone, they're gone, especially at the prices we will be offering. Also, don't think this is an opportunity for me to just try and dump the things that don't sell.   For the launch on Sunday (time will be posted shortly) we will be having...
 In a word, yes. In more words, watch this space.
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