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Just finished uploading the new Macclesfield prints.   The Navy prints are now online. All 74 styles. To make things easier, they've been split up into 3 listings.   Links: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3   Some of my favourites.      
 Please do.
 Fantasy, I believe.  I've never had any problems dealing with Patrizio and I don't speak a word of Italian.
The factory shop is only open on Friday and Saturday. I'm passing through tomorrow and would love to stop by. What a pain!
That sounds like the Chefsteps recipe.I'm having the same issue. I'm yet to be blown away by my sous vide and still prefer my frying pan
 Oh my! Let me know which one and I'll see if there's anything I can do.
 You're too kind. Thank you. One of my favourite prints. Surprised it doesn't get more love. Wear it in good health!
In London, Kiton jackets in thrift shops are more expensive. What a find!
Free worldwide shipping. Only for a limited time though.. Shipping with tracking from the UK costs a fortune.   Thanks for your order!
New additions and mark-downs in the Exquisite Trimmings sale.   New additions include: Tie Your Tie Sunglasses E.G. Cappelli Ties Bresciani socks and more!   Shop now:   There's also free shipping on all orders. No code is needed.
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