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Simon Crompton (Permanent Style) has a post about a pair of Ambrosi trousers he commissioned recently. I'm sure there's a few people here that will find it very interesting.
 Thanks! When I first saw them I thought they would be a very generous fit and far too warm. I tried on a cashmere version and found it far too heavy. The lambswool is light (considering there's so much of it) and it fits true to size. I am really looking forward to wearing mine in the Winter months.
Coming Soon...   Knitwear by Scott & Charters.      
What a bargain.
 Which braces are you interested in and I'll check for you.
That mink coat!!!  
 Depends who you know..
I stopped by the factory store a couple of days ago and was pleasantly surprised buy the quality of the selection. I thought it would be strange styles in large sizes but there was a lot of staples and a good selection in the smaller, more popular sizes.   I walked away with an Ecton. I also found out that I'm a wide fitting! Overall very happy with my first pair of EGs.   They're a pretty light colour though (I'll try to post a picture) I'm tempted to get them dyed,...
For the limited editions, no. There isn't enough fabric. Most of the styles only have 1 in stock. Sorry.There are some 7-folds (from the limited edition fabric) arriving today that are 8.5cm and some prints later in the year that will be 9cm.
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