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Will you be restocking the Carmina string loafer in a size 11UK anytime soon?   Thanks.
 I think this is meant to be a pairing of the world map. I agree they are much more for display than actual wear.
Anyone have any idea what the mark on this shoe is and how to get rid of it? I wore them out one day and when I came home I noticed this!   I have tried the Saphir Omnidaim on this area (and a few other spots on the shoes, which it cleaned really well) but it didn't seem to do anything.   TIA      
G & G bespoke for Kevin Seah. More pictures in the spoiler.   [[SPOILER]]
Crazy day in the Premier league... From the big teams only Arsenal won this weekend!
 Very elegant, crocodile can often look very tacky but not in this case. Well done.
 Nice pizza 
 Yeah.. Howcome you did the BIN price? I guess the cosigner had in mind a price they wanted...
Not fake. Just old.
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