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 Just sent him an email.. Hopefully he has a pair (or two) for me.
  Used to hate split toe shoes, then I saw the Dover.. A simply stunning shoe. It's definitely top of my to buy list.
I hope you got the famous mashed potatoes.
Thank you Styleforum.   From the very beginning you have supported my vision of having an online shop featuring the world's finest accessories.   In return, one way of expressing my gratitude would be to offer exceptional customer service. Over the past few months this wasn't the case on far too many occasions.   I'm not offering any excuses, just my sincere apologies and a promise that things will improve from this moment on.   I have been asked regarding the...
    @othertravel When do you need the ties for? For most orders I use Royal Mail Airsure, charged at £9.50. I normally quote 5-7 business days for delivery. I am able to ship via UPS but expect this to be at least £40. If you need them really quickly, send me a PM or an email and I'll get you an exact quote. Agree with Flyswatter. The rule normally is that the larger weave is slightly less formal, but that's nothing to do with being a staple.
  Thanks, gents!!
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