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Just picked these up from Simpson London. The craftsmanship is incredible. They took a while longer than expected but, definitely worth the wait.  Exterior is bridle leather and the interior (on the burgundy) is suede and (on the havana) alcantara.                      
New Monsieur Fox pocket squares available            
 That's a great looking jacket.
Christian Kimber lapel pins now available online.   These won't be available at any other stockist.   Shop now:  
 Affiliate Vendor means I pay to advertise my business on the forum. Yes, my shop is based in London. With regard to Pitti, it's a great opportunity to meet with the makers and owners of the brands. Make sure to check out various outside events as well, Simon Crompton has something as do the Swedish guys behind Plaza Uomo magazine.
 Thanks guys! Much appreciated.
What are you going to Pitti for? As a buyer? Blogger? I've been there a few times but try to avoid the Summer as the heat is Indescribable.   Florence is a beautiful place, I look forward to going back as soon as I leave!   Simon Crompton has a shopping guide here: and if you do a search on the forum, I'm sure you'll find plenty of first hand recommendations.
@hrv123 Is the sizing US/UK?
Did anyone make it to the sale on Friday?
 I find when I make sushi, I end up using every utensil possible in the kitchen, make a huge mess and still don't get anywhere near as good as I can buy. Oh, and the ingredients cost a fortune!
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