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The power of Styleforum! Amazing.
 It's better not to think about it... You Americans and your bargains! 
 I bought mine from these people: http://www.proportionlondon.com - They supply pretty much every high end store in London. Mine cost over £500... So you really did get a bargain (and mine has no head!)
I'm really excited about some of the new arrivals that will be online over the next week or two. Here are a some sneak peaks!        
 That is a fantastic purchase. You didn't say what you paid for it, but I doubt it was anything close to what I paid for mine!
 John Obi Mikel is another one... Oscar is yet to make a mark this season but I'm sure it will come. Chelsea have a scarily good midfield.
It's a shame to see Salah and Willian on the bench but they are amazing back up options. Don't understand why Ramires still gets a game.
Not to get carried away but Man Utd are 3-0 at the break... QPR did get beaten 4-0 by Spurs a couple of weeks ago but it's still good news for Utd fans.
Really wish this would fit me. A beautiful jacket.
Yes, but it will take a month or two.
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