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Liverpool are doing really well. We should win this. 
A bunch of new arrivals on the way over the next couple of weeks.   Some previews:   Macclesfied Printed Silk Bow Ties     Thomas Riemer Gloves     Cashmere & Silk Ties     Crunchy Knit Ties  
Jeez... What a night!!! Let's hope Liverpool don't get hammered tomorrow.
Michael Browne of Chittleborough & Morgan wears braces and I don't think it's because his trousers don't fit!   Pictures from here: http://www.permanentstyle.co.uk/2013/07/chittleborough-morgan-suit-part-2.html#.VEbpa0tFJ1Y http://www.styleforum.net/t/350970/adventures-in-bespoke-chittleborough-morgan    
   These 2 are incredible. Good work fellas.
That bag... 
 That looks amazing. Wear it in good health.
Really beautiful shoes. Wow!
  I purchased a pair of braces from TM Lewin, this could've been before they started buying from Albert Thurston (it was almost 4 years ago), but the leather ends ripped after a couple of wears, if indeed they were leather to begin with, I'll have to check.  I seriously doubt they are just selling the same product for less. We have one pair that is pretty...
New Posts  All Forums: