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Are these ralph lauren pieces a thing?
Is this something? Any idea on maker? [[SPOILER]]
Heading to NYC (first visit) in a couple weeks for 5 days and seems like there are quite a few people from new york here. Any recommended places to check out? Thinking cool thrift places to check out, unique stores, attractions, etc. I'm all ears.
Pardon the quality of the photos but found a couple Armani Collezioni items and wanted to check on authenticity.Cashmere V-neck Sweater (rolled hems) [[SPOILER]] Blazer (unvented, no buttons on sleeves) [[SPOILER]]
Is this something? Camel Hair scarf... I take it that this is not real croc?
Chester Barrie for Burberry. What do you guys say, is this one a keeper? Also, anyone have issues with having blazers being prickly? I assume its the canvasing.
Is this hermes tie real or fake? [[SPOILER]] Anyone know the maker of this? No other label other than that tag so probably a long shot. Felt very nice but the stitching was coming undone. I'm assuming not worth the purchase or can the stitching be fixed somehow? [[SPOILER]]
Decided to go thrifting this weekend and ended up finding a hermes tie, robert talbott handsewn and cerruti 1881 tie (no idea about this brand but fabric seems nice and I liked the pattern).Now I believe the hermes tie is genuine based off readings online (pics below for your own judgement) but it looks like the tie was widened as I can see the original fold still. Is there any way I can restore it to its original width? It looks a bit wonky right now. As you can see from...
Question as my AE fifth avenues are starting to get some wear and I'm thinking of resoling it some time in the future, I started to think about this particular area where it looks like the stitching was loose and the welt area has cracked. Is this still resoleable with the cracked welt? I never thought too much of this defect until now so wanted some opinions. By the way, I've worn these for about 7/8 months 2-3x a week and noticed there has been some separation of the...
Please critique the fit of my luxire shirt. What should I alter for my next order?
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