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Price drop! Pair of great-looking 8.5D Allen Edmonds Taunton boots, lightly worn. Black calf leather. Includes original box.
NWT slim-fit 36R/46EU jacket by United Colors of Benetton. It's a beautiful textured charcoal color. This is an AWESOME choice for thin guys--super sleek and fitted--and great for spring, fall, and non-arctic winters. I already have a Benetton coat similar to this, and it's my go-to jacket for much of the year. I doubt a suit can fit underneath (well, maybe a 34US suit), so I wouldn't call this an overcoat. But it looks fantastic when worn over just a dress shirt or a...
$120. Pair of great-looking 8.5D Allen Edmonds Taunton boots, lightly worn. Black calf leather. Includes original box.
Pair of fabulous 9D Allen Edmonds Moras, lightly worn. The black calf is in fantastic shape. I love double monks--it hurts me to let these go! Includes original box. Sorry, my cheapo shoe trees are not included $140.
PM sent for #32
RLBL SOLD! Benetton coat still available!
38R RLBL Suit (NWT) - $599 BEAUTIFUL dark dark brown pinstripe RLBL suit, in a coveted 38R. It's an almost imperceptible dark chocolate color--both subtle and rich. In the pictures it appears as brown as I've ever seen it. It's darker in person. I love this suit, but it didn't quite fit. I'm letting it go for $599 shipped. Measurements below. Jacket is single breasted, notch lapel, dual vented. Pants have side adjuster buckles (no belt loops). Slim, modern...
emptym's right. Don't focus on proof. Undoubtable proof may be an impossible standard. And it's surely a silly one outside of pure mathematics and logic. When most people ask for proof, they're not expecting something painstakingly built from Cartesian-style demon-proof axioms. They just want evidence sufficient for knowledge. This is a lower and much more interesting standard.
Quote: Originally Posted by Casey I went in the winter and although it was my goal to make it to Barneys (which I did) ... How does the Chicago Barney's compare to the one in NYC?
Quote: Originally Posted by emptym If different peoples were created by different, and possibly rival, gods, then we could and maybe should wage war w/o restraint. The theory of a common origin that stems historically from monotheism has done much to prevent the existence of and to mitigate the severity of war. Is this true? Have there been fewer and less severe wars since the advent of monotheism? Even a little, over thousands of...
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