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very light grey with dark jeans and a white shirt; definitely like the idea of that. By the same token, would the opposite work; a darker coat with lighter jeans? Also, do you have any suggestions for good quality linen SCs?
i realize folks may think this more a sw&d question, but they tend to be more "fashion forward" and i tend to favor a more conservative look, so i'm hoping for your thoughts / help. does linen look good with denim? if so, any suggestions on linen SCs to keep an eye out for would be greatly appreciated. if not, i'd love to hear your thoughts on a good SC to wear casually in the summer. i've come to the realization that while this board has helped my dressier...
thanks GBR; i'm going as it's a family member who is graduating, so it's in nothing more than a supportive "be a good person" type roll. i was thinking of, perhaps, a pair of linen trousers, but is that too informal?
i'm going to a college graduation on tuesday (not mine). I recall what i wore to my own, but i was also younger and far drunker than i will be tuesday. also, it looks like it's going to be over 90 degrees out, and it may very well be an outdoor graduation. what should i wear?
stubloom, that was tremendously helpful; as the shirt has odd sized buttons, i will likely look for dryclean and hand iron. as a follow-up question, mostly since i'm fairly new to the whole "owning quality clothing" life, how often would you recommend having a shirt cleaned? with my normal shirts, i tend to have them laundered every other wearing. thoughts?
thanks for the response stubloom, but i'm getting a "page not found" error on your blog post
so, i bought a zenga sport button down shirt that says it's 100% cotton, and it's 100% the comfy-est, nicest feeling shirt i own. however, it's time for a cleaning. with my normal button downs, i take them to my drycleaner to have them laundered and pressed. however, this shirt says it can be either laundered or drycleaned, and i'd like to go with whatever will keep it feeling smooth and micro-fiber-like the longest. does anybody have any suggestions?
good luck suitupshop! you were very kind in a thread of mine, so if i'm ever in AZ i'll stop in for a measure
chenz - is there a mailing list or something i could sign up to find out about a F&F event? i'm seriously considering a BB suit as well and any cost savings is good cost savings, haha
everybody, thanks for all your help! if there are any other suggestions, please post them. also, best of luck with your business suitupshop
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