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haha, nice blahman. i was thinking i could go with links like those; the "skull & crossbones", "dice", etc types of links that i wouldn't normally wear with a suit... means i have to go shopping though
this thread intrigues me, and may have convinced me to visit the loehmann's i just found out was up the street from me (thanks google), though i tend to get frustrated quickly in these treasure-hunt type outings, so i may have trouble adjusting. anybody else with experiences?
Quote: Originally Posted by latindandy go cuffless, like arpad busson ... cuffless?
hey all. i'm a big fan of french cuffs, but pretty much all of my links are (or at least seem to me to be) pretty formal. would silk knots be appropriate for french cuffs with jeans & a SC? can i pull off my silver knots or silver with color inlay type links? appreciate your thoughts and insight...
that's just downright rediculous! damn shame i fit exactly none of it, because they all look amazing
i appreciate the B&S suggestion, and will certainly keep my eye out. that said, i've not fully gotten my measurements down, and tend to do better when i'm able to try things on. i can certainly understand if nothing comes to mind though, and i do appreciate all the help thusfar
NOBD, i really like that linen jacket you just posted, and am on the hunt for one at the moment; any deets?
thanks all for your advice on fabric and color, this has been very helpful. do any of you have thoughts on quality linen SC brands? i'd be interested in something with natural shoulders and buttons that don't really stand out. also, something that's (hopefully) durable, as there's great potential for it becoming a staple of my summer wardrobe
also, what about going lighter than light grey? perhaps a cream / white / very light natural linen color?
TimelesStyle, no worries on the recommendation. I really appreciate your help on this, and am glad I've got the opportunity for vetting some of these thoughts. I had read elsewhere that both cashmere (or a cashmere blend) and camel hair (or a camel hair blend) work well with jeans, but they both strike me as too warm for summer. That said, i've never actually worn either, so am I missing the boat there?
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