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i only wish they showed more of the top layers individually instead of stacked; absolutely fantastic stuff there though
appreciate the link kaplan, and i'll check it out as well as others. figured it was worth a shot seeing if i could get a good comparison
Quote: Originally Posted by Kaplan I went with the G4 (in dark navy) instead. Slim fit and still made in England. Kaplan - really like the G4 slim fit in navy; any chance you got the 40R and could post some SF-style measurementz? lol
i love the white face contrast with the black leather strap and the silver casing, but that's just my two cents
i agree with sellahi; i would LOVE to have a 3 piece in the collection (and may take the plunge) but the occasions where i could wear all three together, at least based on current life experience, are few and far between. i work in a large office (800+ people) and have not seen one 3 piece suit. ever.
is it impolite to ask for a general estimate of how much you charge (VERY inexperienced here...)? need to figure out how long i need to save my pennies to get to that gorgeous three-piece light grey suit you have on the blog...
thanks idfnl & quadcammer, appreciate the advise
Quadcammer - reason i ask is i'm a bit new to this. i realize shoe trees aren't one size fits all, but i'm not sure if they're "one shape fits all" or something like that. i got these shoes for what felt like a pretty good deal, so i'd like to make sure i don't stretch them out too much with the wrong trees
hey all - i just purchased a pair of loafers (these, except in a hickory leather and size 9.5 D: i was wondering if anyone could suggest a good shoe tree for purchase on the internet? i checked out the cedarville website (trying to support the affiliates) and saw several different types, but i wasn't sure what worked well with what types of shoes. i also posted in the cedarville affiliate thread, but it looks like...
ARRIVE EARLY. That place is almost always an absolute zoo on weekends. Avoid the coach store (if travelling with someone who may be so inclined) as there are, literally, lines out the door to get in.
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