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i'm no expert, but i'd think those would look great with a navy pinstripe
this thread contributed greatly to my "only at a deep discount" current state of thinking. i realize it's old, but it's quite convincing...
was researching this very pair of shoes b/c i saw them here: and thought that may help in case anybody was continuing to look for them. i haven't decided to pull the trigger or not, but finding them on sale someplace may just push me over the edge
thanks comrade, i'll have to take a look.
it may seem ungrateful to ask for additional suggestions, but i'd like to look at / try on a few different brands to be certain i'm happy with my purchase
thank you sportin_life, i appreciate the help, especially the hickey suggestion. i'm definitely not the "slim-fit" type, as i have a big chest for my shoulders and large thighs for my waist; this is what worries me about many of the more fashion-forward brands.
Thank you both Klobber and Saturdays, i'll keep an eye for RLBL and Isaia @ Saks Off 5th and Nordstrom Rack! Any other suggestions? edited due to complete lack of ability to spell
Klobber, thanks for the advice regarding RLBL. Looking at their website, it seems as though the price point is approximately double that of BB... I was hoping for something a bit cheaper, possibly more in the $1,000 - $1,200 range. Also, the Drop 7 invites another question; i'm more of a Drop 6, so would this be an issue? Could i have an inch taken out in the pants? And the pyramid idea is an interesting one, though i would imagine that it would invite quite the debate...
All, I currently own several BB 1818 Madison suits, all of which fit me quite well. However, for work, I will soon need to begin attending "high-fashion" type parties / events with clients, and wanted to look for something a bit more contemporary in style (though, not all the way to this fall's GQ extra skinny lapels, extra short jackets, and overall very slim fits). I was hoping for some suggestions at a similar quality and price point to the BB 1818 line, but with...
let us know how Daniel is; considering making a reservation for sometime in September or October
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