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i'd love to find a pair of double-sided sterling silver cufflinks with a dark blue enamel inlay centered on a sterling silver rectangle wit a few millimeters of sterling border around that enamel inlay... you know, if such a thing were to exist or be possible
i've been lurking long enough to know the answer is probably "no", but is there some sort of standard of measurements for shoes, since company a's 9D is different from company b's? similar to what is done for suits since 40R 40R. if not, why?
tremendously helpful thread!!
Thanks emptym, i would not have thought of the hand-shanked buttons! That will definitely get added to my list. I'd love to try Cego or the like, but since i both live and work in the 'burbs, unfortunately it would require me taking some time off during biz hours to do. If i can find a local tailor that works, i can schedule some "meetings" on my calendar and duck out for appointments.
as i've clearly offended with my request for help, i'll try to limit to once a day
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unbelragazzo - i appreciate your response. i get into the city often, but very rarely during business hours, which is why i've decided to go with a local tailor in westchester (if possible)
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All, I've come to the point in my life where it is time to start having some dress shirts made. I have an odd shape to me (apparently?) wherein basically all OTR shirts i buy to wear with a tie or in a "cuffs buttoned" setting need to have alterations made. This brings me to my question: any advice for having them made? I have questions of a few types, and so i was hoping with your help on any or all of them. Q1 - Choosing a tailor: I live in a fairly affluent suburb...
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