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thanks mack. after some googling, seems it may be both difficult to find in the nyc area and more than a bit out of my price range, so oh well. i'll have to deep my eyes open on the secondary market. if anybody sees anything similar, i'd sure appreciate a heads-up.
big fan of this fabric (despite the creepy headlessness)... can anybody suggest where i might find a similar rtw jacket, or some similar fabric to have one made? new to tweed, and pretty much everything else, haha
where exactly would one find this "suit hierarchy" thread? lol
understand you're not fond of the gold buttons, but if you could get past that this is a classic that i'm sure you could find for a reasonable price online:§ioncolor=§ionsize= also, another great option could be a tweed sportcoat; there are tons of great examples of that out there, but here is...
hey jd2010 - how much are you looking to spend? also, i'd suggest that if you're trying to be a notch above biz casual, you'd probably be better off with a classic navy blazer; wildly versatile and almost always looks great
All, There was recently a BuyWithMe coupon put out there for $750 - 1 MTM suit and 2 (i'm guessing) MTM shirts from Trend and Traditional Clothiers in Midtown Manhattan. I'm considering buying, but a search of the forum hasn't come back with any mentions in any of the NYC tailor threads regarding this business, so I was wondering if anybody had any opinions on the place. I may give this a go regardless and document the experience for everybody here to help others form...
thanks for the advice connor
a few questions with regards to putting new buttons on a suit... if i took a suit to an alterations tailor, would it be reasonable to expect them to have a selection of buttons, or should i buy some in advance? Also, if I'm replacing the buttons on the Jacket, i figure i should replace the buttons on the Vest (3 piece suit) as well, but do i need to replace the button on the pants? thank in advance for your advice!
if they're not 501s, what kind of jeans are they? btw, i like the look, though i agree that somewhat less structured shoulders would look better. it appears we have similar skin tones, so i may just have to totally rip this off one day
love the color of the 2nd coat from the left in your current lineup; deets?
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