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appreciate everybody's help
it's not for an interview; i'm going to wear it while out meeting clients and touring real estate with them. i recently took on some responsibilities for some high end, luxury sales in a real-estate related business, and basically need to look rich.
understood Knucklehead, and appreciate your advice; i'm not so good with the fashion sense. so, avoiding white shirts, what would you recommend with that suit?
i would prefer not to wear a white shirt, if possible...
btw, could alternately wear that shirt & tie together with a black pinstripe suit or a charcoal suit. but, i've got that blue suit, and i'm not sure exactly what to wear with it... would love some suggestions
ok, here's what we've got; my mistake on the tie, the one i was thinking of has light blue dots, not pink. also, could use advice on an overcoat; i have a heavy winter overcoat to wear with it, but i'll be walking around nyc dressed like this monday, and would rather have something a little lighter since it'll be near 50
appreciate the help; just took the pics, will upload momentarily
ok, i'll post pics of what i was thinking, thanks! give me 5 mins
can i get away with a very light blue shirt and dark blue tie (darker than the suit) with pink dots, or is that just too much blue? open to suggestions, but would prefer not to wear a white shirt.
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