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Thank Jamesgatz! A quick search seems to indicate high quality, but that the shoulders may be slightly padded and not fully natural; is this the case? If so, how does it fit in the shoulder?
All, I am looking to add an unstructured sport coat to my wardrobe for the spring / summer, but am a bit unsure where to look for and what to expect with such a casual sport coat. I would greatly appreciate anybody's advice. Also, I'm sure I'll need to add more info, so just let me know what would help and I'll post it up. Thanks, Dan
Appreciate the advice Vaio, but unfortunately I've already had them shortened (I'm short) so returns are likely out of the question. I realize this isn't MC, but since they have an "ask a tailor" thread, should I try this over there?
admittedly i haven't found the perfect one in a few minutes of googling (mostly looking at ebay) i think you would do tremendously well with a vintage omega deville or speedmaster; they look wonderful on croc straps, and their pink gold was exquisite. hope this helps a bit.
sorry, do you mean more than $6k, or less than? You've posted >$6k, which would mean greater than, but your tone implies less
based on your earlier post, it sounds as though you had tried the 40r on, and it fit well. if you think it fits well, take a shot. if you're still concerned, try it on again, and take pics and post here, so the experts (read: not me, still just a confused newb) can offer some constructive criticism
i bought my first pair of raw denim APCs, and as i break them in i'm coming to realize that the pockets are really too small for anything (my iPhone practically sticks out, and is the only thing i can fit on one side). Would a tailor be able to "deepen" the pockets on these jeans? Am i missing some all important reason that the pockets are so shallow? thanks!
i've been here for a while (and, mostly, still dress like shit), but i've gotta say that post from cptjeff was just about the most useful single post i've seen here
anybody know if Mitchells / Richards carries Partenopea? I'm a big fan of this jacket, and the Wilkes West seems to carry it (according to their facebook page)
Sorry to revive a dead(ish) thread, but I was hoping to get your advice. I was wondering if someone could possibly advise how much cloth would be required for a sport coat, and if anybody had suggestions on site(s) to look at cloth (besides the one mentioned above)? I've got a few thoughts on some sportcoats I'd like to own, but I'm having trouble finding them
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