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What's up SF? Long time no post. Anyway, I've taken the plunge and have my first M2M Tux in progress, and so I'm beginning to look at my accessory options. Do you guys have any suggestions of particularly good vendors to look to for quality tux studs? I've got an idea of what I want and have spent several hours looking, though unfortunately I haven't found it and so am looking for some inspiration. In case anybody's wondering, I'd ideally be buying silver / onyx studs...
Mind if we ask price? Also, did you try purely based on Yelp reviews, or some other basis?
Sure, why not: Wallet - left breast pocket Work Cell (blackberry) - right breast pocket Biz cards (mine) - left pant pocket Biz cards (others) - left breast pocket Personal Cell (iPhone) - right pant pocket Pen - Left breast pen pocket (if avail) or left breast pocket Keys - briefcase
to hijack the thread with a really dumb question - can one get persol's fitted with prescription lenses?
Hoping to revive an old thread for advise in case new stores have opened the last three years. I've just moved into the city, and it's time for new glasses as well. Thanks!!
I'm looking at the RRL Low Straight Rigid Denim jeans, and I was just hoping to (a) confirm that it's raw denim - certainly the descriptions read like it is, but I'm far from an expert, and (b) ask if anybody has a good sizing chart for these anywhere - I have done quite a bit of searching and can't seem to fine one Thanks!!
Spark - what Boglioli did you get? I was looking at this on Yoox, and wondering if anybody happened to have the measurements of a 38R... I'm glad to hear that the jacket is short, since I'm a short guy
very interesting, thanks for that info hpreston. I was basing it off of this thread:
Also, while I'll certainly keep an eye out for the Canali Kei on B&S / eBay, any suggestions at a lower price point?
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