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Jim Cutler has a good nose. First he chased after Moira asking, "Is that Shalimar?" and a few episodes later we saw the two of them returning from lunch or something together. Now he notices that Peggy is wearing Chanel No. 5.
Oyster crackers.
They're cut low in front where you don't need height and they're not too low in back where you need them to stay up and not slip under your feet. Plus they're a little stretchy without losing their shape, and they keep my feet comfortable - they don't seem to get hot and sweaty or cold and damp.
Quote: Originally Posted by phaseshift I got some loafer socks from Jcrew but they seem to ride up so you can see them, any recommendations on another brand? Banana Republic loafer socks.
Definitely eat at Northstar Cafe and at the North Market, in particular at the booth Kitchen Little(I recommend the chicken-sausage gravy [Saturdays only] or cassoulet). If you're into topiary, the Old Deaf School Park by the main library is pretty cool. Wander up and down High Street from 670 up to about 3rd avenue or all the way up to OSU.
I think mine means "from the hedge" in Dutch.
Quote: Originally Posted by Vecna So I was in J Crew earlier trynig on a blue gingham button down. The XL's collar was too loose, and the L wasn't long enough in the body. I'm 6'3" 42 chest with rather normal proportions. Does anyone have any tips or is J. Crew just not for me? Try the large-tall.
Misused apostrophes bug me too. I do like double spaces after sentences. They make paragraphs look nicer and easier to read.
Do you have iron-rich water? The stains are probably a result of iron and the sunscreen agent avobenzone. Some people recommend using All detergent to help. You could avoid avobenzone, but then make sure that your new sunscreen has another good UVA-protectant, like zinc oxide or titanium dioxide.
Champagne coupes are great.
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