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Hi, I would like to sell my like-new Seiko SNZH57J1 also known as fifty five fathoms. I'll throw in an extra Brady sailcloth strap in black w/ gold stitching with the watch (the strap alone costs $33). I really like the watch but just never got around to wear it at all. I bought it around October last year. I've only worn it twice, so there's no scratch. I would like to sell the watch w/ extra strap for $150 shipped within CONUS. I only accept Paypal. Local pick-up is also...
Nice Dundees and thanks for sharing! How did you get yours so fast!? I really can't wait to get mind.
Happy Friday! would like to share what came in my mail today. Alden LS x SE boots in natural! I can never be happier!!! You can check out more pics in my blog, here
From my experience with my 47, they kinda fit true-to-size after shrinkage. I'm a size 32", and I wear LVC 47 tagged size 32". But they are very tight on my thighs though. I'd get tagged sz 31" if you want the waist to be 31". Or go with sz 32" for a little more breathable fit. But I'd measure and try both sizes before you buy. Hope this helps. You can check out my LVC 47 fit pics on my blog...
Yea, the sale ended on Wednesday
It's sunny in SF! My AF53 color8 is getting some sun bathing.
Thank you for the comments I've seen some color8 wing tip boots w/ light antique edge at Unionmade. They were so tempting for me, and the boots look super nice in person! here're the indy shoes in black. Though it's not the antique edge, but the welt is natural. I don't think Alden can be custom ordered. Hope this helps
would like to share my favorite whiskey PTB I wore yesterday. After a few wears, I notice a darker shade of line going across the toe on my right pair. It doesn't bother me much but is there a way to make the color more even? I try to think that it's unique for my shoes.
I have something to share. J. crew has LVC 501z 1954 and 1947 on sale for extra 40% off. But they don't have my size left. Only 34 and 36 left for 54 and more sizes for 47. Hope some of you can grab this deal
From what I understand, size L would shrink down to roughly size M unsoaked. That's what ppl told me at the shop. I could be wrong though.
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