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Quote: Originally Posted by miurasv I think a high quality blue DB Blazer, from a co. like Turnbull & Asser, worn with the right clothes on a reasonably tall and slim man is the epitome of style. But that's just me. Well even though I like DB Blazer, I don't think of it as an epitome of style in any way. But that's just me too.
They are awesome, when do you wear all of that?
Quote: Originally Posted by Broadus I got a pair of burgundy Lombards for $139. Hopefully, they will be here tomorrow and, hopefully, they will be in as good a shape as your Strands. Great deal, where they new or seconds?
Quote: Originally Posted by galahad Well. who wouldn't be pleased? However, I made the mistake of telling my wife and she still hasn't stopped laughing. Well sorry, and hope that teaches you how to celebrate your joyful compliments alone without sharing with your spurs, because from my own experience it always generates nothing but laughter or mockery.
A slim fit shirt is always what I want when I go out there to buy a shirt. But unfortunately except you are loaded, it is not easy to get exactly what you want at an affordable price.
Quote: Originally Posted by embowafa +1 The intention seems very superficial to me. I would also suggest that if you're going to make such a 'drastic' change, I would do it gradually to prevent this effect. If you go from super casual one day to a full on suit the next, it comes across as very pretentious and fake. Very true. You can start by wearing a suit one day per week, and them move to wearing two times per week and then three...
Hello to all this is my second post, and I don't have a question. On the contrary I have answers but answers related to Indian clothing and designers. So if anyone have a question in that respect, feel free to ask me.
Quote: Originally Posted by bluesdance "Pitti" Beatle (chelsea) and Brotton (suede chukka) for <$80. I ordered the chelsea boots for under $80 shipped. Dunno how it will be but I challenge any of you to find a chelsea boot made in Italy for less. These will be my first chelseas. Nice boots and great price as well. And congrats on your purchase. Just one question, was it free shipping?
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