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Quote: Originally Posted by Matt looking at my little mod control panel thing, it appears only one of your posts has been deleted, this one: ...and while the forum is clearly a little poorer for its absence, this post was not specifically deleted, the thread was, when the original poster was banned and his threads banished with him. Maybe my control panel is letting me down here (which would be highly irregular), so please let me know of the...
Quote: Originally Posted by deadly7 Gross. She is a terrible actress and there is only a tiny chance she won't suck as WW. Will wait for the next iteration. Well she might be terrible in your opinion but I think she can do the job. And you all need to give her a chance. I don't think she is that bad. Is she?
Quote: Originally Posted by j This (#6) is a pretty obscure hack because it uses the Julian calendar, but it seems to work pretty well: the daterange operator takes arguments in the Julian calendar (today is 2455587 for example). If you increment that to make a range covering the date you want to find, you can use it without using a conversion chart. E.g.: daterange:2455582-2455587 is approx....
Hello fellow moderators. I don't understand, I have had more than five of my posts deleted and nobody told me why. I thought this thread was called transparent moderation so why has nobody yet tell me what is making my posts to be deleted even when I am pretty sure I did not violate any forum rule.
Quote: Originally Posted by lexmann A brand that SF hates, but sorry, it's still my favorite. Well because style forum hates it doesn't necessarily make it not good. Style forum by hating it is just being style forum that's all.
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Someone do a full windsor with that puppy and post a pic I was not at the sale but would like too see a pics as well. Just the description of the item has made me very curios.
Quote: Originally Posted by ajv If you want some high shiny shoes without having corrected grain, try some TLC on a regular basis. I.E. cream them and wax them, yeah, even spit shine them; takes time but the result is not only nice to look at, it also adds to the longevity of your shoes. Adrian Oh yeah! you've said it all. That is exactly what you need to do. It may take some good amount of your time, but it is completely worth it.
Quote: Originally Posted by 16520Man Second try. My 1954 Turn-O-Graph: Wow!! Nice watch, it looks great. If you don't mind can I get an idea of the price?
Quote: Originally Posted by andrew96 I went to the Cole Haan store today in search of some new loafers. The salesmen and service was exceptional, but the quality and fit seemed to be lacking. I went to J & M and it seemed to be of much higher quality at a lower price. I haven't worn any Haan's so I don't have an opinion from wearing them, but they didn't look to great. What do you guys think? Are they worth it? Yes I think they are worth...
Quote: Originally Posted by Dewey Don't get all passionate in the bidding. When ebay's a casino the house always wins. That's quite an interesting view and I completely agree with you on that the house always wins. That's why I have never been a big fan of ebay. But at times well you might just find that one of a kind item and get carried away.
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