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Quote: Originally Posted by Sanchez14 3. My wife and I are going to China for a post-bar trip for 3 weeks in August. I could get something in either Hong Kong or Shanghai. It will be our first time in China and neither of us speak any Chinese, so I'd want to find some good options that speak English before leaving. I think you could get pretty impressive suits while in China for very nice prices and with great quality. In fact with...
Quote: Originally Posted by Kslim How..unique... Well even though unique doesn't mean nice, I must say in this case it is pretty OK in my opinion and it's uniqueness could be one of it's strongest points.
Always pronounced it Al-den. But that does not mean that I am right. Well I guess just like somebody said, it all depends on the region, place and etc. So what ever you pronounce it if you can understand each other, the your purpose is fulfilled that is the most important I guess.
Quote: Originally Posted by cptjeff The knit ties I've seen tend to be shorter in the first place. Also, vintage ties are shorter as a whole due to several factors- one, people weren't such fatasses. You didn't need the extra length to fit around a 19" neck and drape over a spare tire. Second, the rise on trousers was higher, so you needed less tie to come to the right length right at the waistband. awesome explanation. I did not know any of...
Quote: Originally Posted by jobro +1. Shame on you for going straight to eBay! Sorry, I can understand your sadness. When ever I think ebay, I think hell. It is just not possible on there especially with all the last minute snippers. It either rocks or sucks.
Quote: Originally Posted by George You should have just wrote down the SF web address and your username on a piece of card, slid it casually over the counter then given a knowing nod and wink. I think she'd have got the message. Agreed, next time don't forget to do that. It might get a long way to pulling some strings. Hhahhahahahahahahahahahah
Anybody knows how much a suit might cost to be shipped from the US to India? And which are the shops online of course that have the best shipping prices on international shipping? I have been wanting to buy a suit but my only problem now is the shipping issue. Most of the time certain shops don't even ship internationally. All help will be more than appreciated.
Wow!! I am impressed. All what I can say is that, that is a job well done, both by the tailor and reporter.
Happy birthday, and don't worry the fate of your idols and Jesus will not happen to you. I wish you many more years to come so that you will live even twice as much on earth than your idols did.
I am happy when I have a paid holiday or when I have a day off that is paid. That way not only do I get to spend time with family and friends, I also get my salary in full at the end of the month. Isn't that awesome?
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