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Quote: Originally Posted by aaaeeeiiiooouuu This is a good question and I'm sure it will echo in the bearings of my soul as I fall asleep tonight Have you awaken yet? So what is the answer to our question?
Quote: Originally Posted by __PG__ Wow!!!! Those boots are awesome.
Quote: Originally Posted by onix It should be fine. There are many lurkers, and they registered only when they need to buy. The majority of my items are sold to these members. - Use normal paypal payment (NOT personal payment) - Ship with tracking, preferably by printing out from PayPal. - If for any reasons you don't feel comfortable selling (unconfirmed foreign address, etc.,), politely decline. That is genuinely good advise, even...
Quote: Originally Posted by Oyaji Thanks, they are my favorite one. Here another pair of mine, G&G St James (from Bespoke-England), always showing left foot pics as it is my "worst" foot: These are gorgeous. I hope I had a pair like that one.
Well if they are RL Polo then I think most of the time they are good. I have about two or three of those. And I like them very well.
Quote: Originally Posted by NAMOR damn, Im not a chelsea boot kind of guy but thats a great price. Are they tts? Me neither, so I will pass, but have fun guys and don't forget to go bragging in the bragging thread when you get something from there.
After seeing the pics, I can't stop crying and I feel even more sorry for you. Take heart.
Quote: Originally Posted by Geoff Gander Thanks - I'm a firm believer that good things should last. You are welcome. I too have that believe, but I also know that the world doesn't just work that way.
Quote: Originally Posted by blahman I think what spitty was trying to say is that hermes man is just going to ignore it and keep copying bieber anyway. OK, got it. It wasn't that simple to figure out, trust me. I tried very hard.
Great, I would love to be there, but unfortunately maybe I can't. I hope all that will, will give us that won't the feed back after the whole show.
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