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Quote: Originally Posted by jrd617 The third link in a Google search for "Astor and Black" is this thread... I wonder if their business has suffered at all with those GQ ads? Well I guess that is a pity because I am sure this thread is probably going to give their business a big kick in the ass And in my opinion that is just the beginning, because the thread has just gotten started and will just continue rolling till it hits the hundred...
Quote: Originally Posted by dragon8 More pictures w/o the bra on may finally help us decide if its a 34A or not But you won't have any more you pervert.
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker First thing you can do to help is not quote spam. . Ok Spoo, I have yielded to your advice, at least this time around. But I must quote at least one spam. You can't really ask me to unquote all of it.
I have few Polo RL but I wouldn't say I have a love affair with them or it. My love ...................................Well I am sure you don't want to know.
Quote: Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger Anyway, sorry for the venting. Well i don't thing is venting at all. This thread and your above post carries a lot of insight info that can help a lot of folks around here.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nicola Unless they brought Soft back I don't think soft has been made in years. +100
Wow this thread is getting heat up. I will be watching it very close.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lafont Last nite I purchased at a resale shop an Ermonegildo Zegna sport coat of 51% silk/49% cashmere (or the opposite?) - black or near black with subtle brown windowpane double or triple stripes. Soft as butter, excellent fit and condition. Rayon lining. Three-button, four on sleeves, notch lapels, side vents. Natural shoulders. Label says from Saks. A tag sewed into a pocket gives details as to materials (in Italian)...
Well really sorry it is that expensive, but I am sure there must be a cheaper way to do this. Can't you ship them through another company? say US mail service? Must you use UPS? I think the postal service is a lot more cheaper. So what is the deal?
Quote: Originally Posted by TRINI Ok, this is borderline now. Really then what would you say of this?
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