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Quote: Originally Posted by J. Cogburn Yes, Ebay. Struck out. Then i am out, can't help. Sorry i am useless.
Quote: Originally Posted by Will C. Belt + waistcoat = ugly. Ouch!!!!! +100 Now that hurts.
Well I don't think where they make them really matters does it? If the quality is maintain and the price good, then I am 100% satisfied.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jangofett If charity is the aim, LV would be better off donating money to the charity or getting MJ (Marc not Michael) to create some special pieces for the charity to create awareness, and get more cash from LV collectors. By giving the charity their rejects or items that cant sell, the charity would just jettison them off ASAP so they can get the cash, and that would cheapen their rejects or items that cant...
Wow!!!! that was long and not easy to read through all of it. Could you not summarize? I hate wasting more than twenty minutes just reading a post.
Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy I think the following is a nice, classic example of wearing a white pocketsquare and picking up white in a shirt (left) and a tie (right). HRH Prince Michael of Kent with Arnaud Bamberger of Cartier. And this is coming from the Pocketsquare guy himself.
Quote: Originally Posted by londonchris Zegna make some magnificent shoes, especially in their Couture line. I couldn't agree better with you that. But I personally I'm not really into Zegna, i prefer other brands, no offense.
$3000 wow!! that is expensive for a first, even my tenth didn't cost that much.
Do you ship all over the world?
Quote: Originally Posted by Preparatory I like this one too but it seems a bit warm for the summer. Yeah maybe just a little, but I think it is OK on the overall.
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