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Quote: Originally Posted by Lord-Barrington Give it a rest. Boston has been disgraceful from basically day one of the regular season. They were probably matched in their theatrics and bush league tactics by Vancouver but to pretend that they're pure as the driven snow is laughable. Neither of these teams has my respect. I didn't say anything about the regular season, just this one if you were reading the same post as I was. You're just...
love these dirty checks from behind by vancouver. Real class act! also, ^^ wtf are you talking about? That would be a goal no matter what.
Good game all around. Sorry Vancouver! eagerly awaiting "bahhhston faggot"s post. AHAHAHA BOSTON SCORE ON VANCOUVERS POWER PLAY!!!
SOLD, thanks everyone! Up for sale is a navy grenadine garza fina 6 fold tie by our beloved Panta. Anyone who has had the chance to own or feel a panta tie will know, but this tie is simply amazing. Ties an amazing knot, the weave adds a nice texture to any outfit, etc etc. Awesome tie. Need cash pretty bad right now or I would be keeping this bad boy.. but alas, my misfortune could be your lucky day! There is a tiny thread rip about 15" up the tie on the left...
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Peak lapels, you would have been proxying it. These lapels, bravo on leaving it. (its not your pic, trust me) Well I'm super paranoid about buying things with dated lapels, I fucked up and did that on like, 5 suits in my early days, haha. So if I have any doubt about the lapels I just leave it now. Cheers! The store I found that at had I swear like 75 suits. I was there on my work break or I probably...
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker ^ Nice cloth, but those lapels are straight 80s Yeah, it does look like it in the pic- not sure why, maybe the angle. I tried it on and the lapels looked fine, maybe a little low but nothing noticeable. I might be remembering it wrong, cuz that picture does make them look bad... But yep, the fabric is dope for sure. I thought to myself "oh thats a Spoo coat right there" when I saw it
Saw this today, 'Jaeger' for Saks. Size 41R i believe. Should I have grabbed it? Had a pretty cool design. Overcheck is electric blue and purple!
Quote: Originally Posted by SimonC +1. If I picked up some of the labels that appear on here with regularity (particularly the Pink / Lewin / Tyrwhitt shirts) I'd have so much clothing I couldn't move. Where do you live? British shirts such as CT and Pink are pretty fucking rare here. There's probably 20 people in my entire state who even know they exist, let alone donate them. I don't see alot of them posted in here either, compared to other...
Quote: Originally Posted by Wally_123 Mihara Yasuhiro but these are the ones that i am lusting for [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] mihara racing boots those get an A+ from me, fuckin a
Quote: Originally Posted by Chargersfan I wish I was in Boston now....I would love to fuck up some Bahhhston faggots... hilarious, i would also love to see you try to kick someones ass in their own city because their team beat yours. Might pay to see that.
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