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Lovely colors on that last Forsyth tie, woul definitely snatch that up if I had the extra cash. Nice selection!
Quote: Originally Posted by JKMWCL O/O - for the first time in recent memory, I'm not sure about the interplay between the tie and ps. Love the suit on you though. Nii - Love that suit man. And have to admit to diggin your mix of soft-core car porn in your shoots....today's is just slummin'! Butler - that's loungin' done right! Gregaz - For some reason, the heavy tie doesn't seem to work with the fabric of the suit....however, I love the color...
Work outfit, thought I'd try a 3 button... Have to have the coat altered a bit, taken in on the sides and hem the sleeves. Plus my shoes need to be shined. Other than that I think I look alright considering the whole outfit cost under 100 dollars. Any suggestions ar loved! ps: Ignore the babyface, thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by niidawg3 i think the tie looks like one of the Chaps or Nautica ones you'd get at TJ Maxx. Not a fan. Something a little less busy will be better. Oh man that sucks to hear considering it's actually one of my most expensive ties. Guess I'm still developing my tie-buying eye.. Less busy fit coming later, thanks ndw and Urban for the comments.
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Happy Valentines Day to the lovers, the dreamers... And me: Awesome outfit, details on the blazer, shirt and tie if you would be so kind? Loving the trousers too. And PandArts... Don Draper called. He wants his clothes back. He sounded pretty angry.
Quote: Originally Posted by NOBD Please wear shoes in pics anyway. Always. Hey sure thing, I'll include them in todays fit. I will be taking the pictures outside so hopefully the natural sunlight will improve the picture quality. Sorry about that! I'd love any comments on the tie though, its one of my favorites. Very very nice silk, feels great just tying it.
First post! Sorry in advance for the terrible photos; had to use my cellphones camera, which is quite terrible and does NOT have a self timer so.. No full body shots this time. Also no shoe shot because I am in my house and I don't wear my shoes inside All comments are appreciated. Really wish I could take a full body shot right now with shoes on but it's impossible right now, so yeah.. all critique is helpful Still building my wardrobe.
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