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Quote: Originally Posted by bringusingoodale Oh wow. Amazing jacket, anyone know the details? I went to the page you got it from and there's no info, but there's some really great looks on there... I especially like this one; love the deep brown.
Quote: Originally Posted by Stu Sweet -- a sunburst Les Paul, one of the all-time classics. Les Paul's look good but they feel like a fake plastic toy guitar for children when you hold them in your hands. They feel so cheap I would never actually buy one, although they do have one of the best designs.... Also gdl, that is one hell of a house... Would love to cook in that kitchen, looks very roomy!
Quote: Originally Posted by Threadbearer You had me until the last pic, Navi. The shoes and socks resulted in major point deductions. Haha, I was guessing that would happen- the two shoes I have posted until now are the only two pairs of dress shoes I own, other than a terrible cheap pair of black Target shoes my mother bought me when I was like 14. I guess I'll just refrain from posting my shoes from now on, since they've been called ugly...
is #25 still available? and what about the furthermost left richard james tie, whats the width and is it still avail?
I'm thinking if I dress like it's summer, the weather might start to improve! edit: also, I'm wearing a different pair of shoes... not sure if they're any better than my last pair but I'm trying.
Great idea, I'll look for some stuff I don't wear anymore to throw in if we're having anyone donate items. Not sure if you're the only one donating items, that's how it kinda sounded in your posts but it seems a bit silly...
Quote: Originally Posted by Sotiris I would respectfully disagree. My personal opinion is that being so instantly defensive doesn't help anyone. You posted, I assume, for feedback. This particular feedback was to show patience before posting. I personally am guilty of not doing that as well and am trying to heed that. I think it was valid and constructive feedback, IMHO. And also not as negative as you perhaps perceived. It's hard to judge tone...
Niidawg, is this how you treat every newcomer? That was like my third fit post, cut me some fucking slack dude.
StanleyVanBuren, That suit looks nice, but the pinstripes are making you look taller than you really are, it seems. I would wear a higher and longer collar, as Threadbearer said. The jacket seems short too, at least to my eyes.... Anyone else see that? It looks like a blazer Quote: Originally Posted by pvrhye [[SPOILER]] Looks sharp. Much less boring than the by-the-SF-manual look coulda turned out. All the pieces are there though. Cheers! Thanks, I wish I...
J. Cogburn, sweet db mate!!! Looks lovely, congrats! Hope I did a bit better on this fit! I'm trying to improve. Picked up the slacks at the thrift store earlier today for $6. Well worth it! Neverminding the fact this blazer has no button on the front, which I am in the middle of fixing, what do you guys think of this fit? I quite like it meself. Any feedback is VERY welcome, really ANYTHING.. Cheerio!
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