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Quote: Originally Posted by XKxRome0ox what's wrong with the shoes? are the shoes too narrow for you? No, I'm just not quite sure about the design. I like more rounded/pointy toes, these are sort of square-ish for me.. I might end up keeping them though, haven't really decided.
now that is a pair of shoes. wowza
Not sure about the shoes, most likely going to ebay but for now they're better than what I was wearing before.
Quote: Originally Posted by spoozy Amazing! What PS is that?
Quote: Originally Posted by Kappelan Fuckin awesome. Details? Love the shade of blue on that jacket!
Quote: Originally Posted by pvrhye Most people won't notice the lack of a superfluous button I'd say. It's a matter of how the blazer looks otherwise. The button won't make or break it IMO. +1. With a lot of jackets, the 2nd button isn't very noticeable since it isn't buttoned anyways. Depends on the form of the jacket. I love the look of some 1 button jackets, but of course there are some that just look odd. It can look really good in a...
Quote: Originally Posted by Holdfast Apologies for the awful earpiece; only just remembered to take a full-length pic as I was leaving to get into the car, so forgot I'd put in on already. Very dapper. Those pants look pretty baggy, don't you think? Might be the picture but if I were you I'd get 'em slimmed down big time, but I'm inclined to more close fitting clothing so, to each his own!
Quote: Originally Posted by upr_crust Proving that I do pay attention to comments made in this thread, the suit I wore on March 4th, which was roundly condemned for a bad fit, and the same suit after alterations: Looking much better! Not sure about that pocket square with the shirt and tie but the suit and shoes look great. also Requiem, I'm seconding MoK's suggestion for a navy tie. A nice grenadine navy tie would look killer with that...
Those Alden's are great... surprised they haven't sold yet, simply awesome price. Someone buy them soon, I can't hold out much longer!
Newports. i've tried others but newports always have me coming back for some reason. But I'm looking to get an e-cig soon
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