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All sizes and yet I see a total lack of 14.5" necks. Better fix that.
Quote: Originally Posted by potemkin_city_limits Does it actually matter which number you use to measure the leg opening? The fact that 9" flat = 18" around means that either number works. To answer your weird and pointless question, when I take a pair of pants in to my tailor I tell her I want the hem to be 7.75" which she is free to either keep as 7.75" or delve into the extremely complex mathematical equivalent by simply multiplying by...
Up for sale is a nice casual sports shirt by Robert Graham, in a size SMALL. It's a blue with diagonal stripes. Fabric is a light weight 100% cotton, Made in India. Shirt is used but in great condition, no flaws I can find, so my asking price is $30 <<< $40 shipped CONUS, via paypal personal payment, or add 4% extra to make up for PP fees. shoulder to shoulder: 17" pit to pit: 20" waist: 20".. same all the way down pretty much sleeves: equivalent to a 32-33 dress...
Quote: Originally Posted by TRINI This is the best: Also, can we discuss WHAT THE FUCK is going on with Luca's vest in the first pic here. I love the suit on the right's fabric, that color is fucking dope!
Quote: Originally Posted by Lane I can very much tell no need to be a dick, sorry maybe i should buy these shoes new at 10x the price so they can look exactly the same after 5 wears!
^^^ nice man, jealous! enjoy! here are my purchases for yesterday, all under $9!
Quote: Originally Posted by in stitches guilty as charged as well. have listened to et about 20 times this week. and firework many times when it came out. et is my shit. but only the version with kanye
found these balla ass sneaks today, both fit me perfectly. The first pair is so amazing, I think I'm in love. Also a nice pair of chelsea boots, which are a nice deep dark brown in person, look alot brighter in the pic than they really are.
prob cuz its incredibly hot and humid in malaysia
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