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Bunch of amazing fits in here. Good job everyone! But I have to agree about the video, mostly just a gimmick..
Quote: Originally Posted by Navi Would really love input from everyone about this fit. I just made the PS myself, so.. Any opinions?
Quote: Originally Posted by DaBatMan I like the tie.. Overall I like the outfit but there appears to be too many colors going on for me. IDK, it could be my screen (it doesn't show colors in all their brilliance) but let me know if my eyes are deceiving me. I see green sox, gray trousers, tan SC, blue tie, blue shirt, white pocket square and black shoes. Can't really see the belt. And deets on those shoes kind Sir? Thanks man, but haha your...
Thanks for the concern ndw, but I vacuum quite regularly. Maybe instead of making a jab at me you can actually say something about my clothes next time!
How much would you be willing to let the orange one go for...? Ballpark estimate? I don't want to throw an insulting lowball, not sure what you mean by "much less." Good looking tie though, wonder if I could somehow fix the snag...
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Thanks - the tie was an unlined Kiton wool. Also, yours was an entry today, right? Can you edit your post to include "Friday Challenge" in it so I can include you if it was? Sure, added. I didn't think my fit was good enough to be an entry but hell, why not? Also, I envy your Kiton collection.... I might kill a man for it to be mine.
Quote: Originally Posted by B|aze Yeah.... welcome to SF ...what? Why welcome me? Did i say something wrong or what?
Quote: Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH You can't be serious. Les Paul's feel like fake plastic toys? Are you sure you are commenting on a Gibson Les Paul? They are built like tanks, anything else in comparison feels like a toy. Yeah I meant the Gibson Les Paul. Sorry dudes.
FRIDAY CHALLENGE I don't have any good green ties or I would have worn one of em. :P Also Spoo, I'll throw in that I actually like the outfit everyone was calling too busy. Love the pattern on those trousers, and deets on the tie? edit: Opinions on my new tie above? Got it today, not sure if it's too busy but I like the pattern. From afar it looks pretty cool, imo.
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