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Damn beautiful ties. Shit. Damn!
Quote: Originally Posted by distinctive Cat piss free: Dayuuum!
Your stitching is very consistent and straight, great work!
By color and then pattern. I try to sort them kind of like by the rainbow; as in I'll have a plain blue tie, then a blue with red dots tie, then a red tie with blue dots, then a plain red tie. I have two tie hangers, one for the good ties I wear the most, another for some worse ones that get little wear, and then a drawer with ones I NEVER use rolled up.
^^ Got it right. Stop buying a bunch of cheap ties and focus on simple, more elegant quality ties. Get some grenadine and cashmere if you can afford it, plain brown and navy are very very versatile. Basically just stop buying ties because they're cheap and start buying ties that you can picture with many different outfits. Plain colored ties can be fine, but normal silk one's can definitely be boring, so pin-dots and slim stripes can help make it more interesting. Watch...
Gonna have to agree that it really depends on how much spare cash you have lying around. If I had a good chunk of change I'd much rather buy a couple MTM shirts with some nice patterns than one expensive Kiton shirt. The brands you listed are all good choices, I honestly don't believe you'll find kiton to be that much of an upgrade. All comes down to personal opinion though.
Quote: Originally Posted by harry2quinn Now that's a SLIM fitting jacket! Good look though man, looks a bit too tight for my tastes though. To each his own! Quote: Originally Posted by TTO I like the shirt/suit combo, and the tie, though not my taste, works quite well with it. I think a tie with more texture, or a subtle pattern would work better...the pocket square seems to bright to me, maybe better for a sports coat/...
Bunch of amazing fits in here. Good job everyone! But I have to agree about the video, mostly just a gimmick..
Quote: Originally Posted by Navi Would really love input from everyone about this fit. I just made the PS myself, so.. Any opinions?
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