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^^ fine for work but aaaakkk that tie knot. Get a four in hand up in that bitch, look pretty good otherwise. Throw a white pocket square in there too, TV fold.
What's my best choice for dress shirts with nice patterns? I can't really spend more than 30-40$ per shirt. My wardrobe is severely lacking patterned shirts... I've been watching ebay for CT and TP shirts but none have come up that are my size. Any other alternatives? Yeah, I'm broke.
Quote: Originally Posted by isshinryu101 These seem to be below SF "market value". Someone REALLY should partake in this bounty of Lobb's. +1 Amazing looking shoes, wish I had the money...
Quote: Originally Posted by Nataku The Goodwill around here prices stuff on the spot if it's missing, but the Salvation Army used to be strict, depending on who was at the register. I could always convince them. If I knew I couldn't, I'd grab a price tag that I thought was fair off something else that I know nobody would care about and say it fell off. Worked every time. I don't do it anymore because I haven't run into the problem in at least 5 years. All...
Quote: Originally Posted by spitfirees20 Instead of ruining a suit, you could try to just keep the top button unbuttoned and use a belt to hold the pants up. It's not the best idea, but hey, neither is checking on your interview suit the night before an interview. Yeah this is probably a better idea, see if just a belt works. Also what a great help, Aldehyde! Surely he would've posted this thread if he had another suit he could use instead!
It might look a bit weird but I reckon it'd work. Doesn't sound like you have much of a choice anyways. You can always change it back if it looks too weird/you screw up!
Sadly no full shot, they all came out blurry and I'm not getting dressed again to take pics. Just grey trousers down low and normal black oxfords. I'm enjoying this tie though.
Quote: Originally Posted by davesmith never happened to me, i always try to help them make up a nice fair price if there is no tag It's policy for pretty much every chain thrift store around here. I used to work at one, there isn't any negotiating, it really sucks.
Found a pair of Ferragamo's today. But because of my amazing luck, they had no price tag! And of course if it's at a thrift store and isn't priced, they can't sell it until the next day after they price it. Fuck.
imgur.com is good
New Posts  All Forums: