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I'm in! If it stops snowing/raining/everything else....
crosspost from CBD WAYWRN, simple fit with a new suit. Need to bring it to a tailor and get a lapel buttonhole put in.
Funny how the best lighting in my house is in my damn bathroom. Can this even get any more CBD?
Quote: Originally Posted by Matt Changi This. Changi Singapore airport is fucking sweet, Terminal 3 is just amazing. I love it everytime I visit Singapore.
Quote: Originally Posted by derrickrose1 Better? Yes. Now jujst tighten that up and perfect the knot and dimple. Can see my pic earlier on this page for what a decent FIH should look like.
Quote: Originally Posted by derrickrose1 four in hand, eh? god damnit, i thought i knew how to do a tie, then someone showed me something else, now i gotta learn something else AGAIN. is there like, a BEST knot that i should always do? are some knots better for other reasons? why does the four in hand look better than this? That collar isn't wide enough for a windsor to look good. It looks way too big compared to the collar. With a spread...
Quote: Originally Posted by kellgy Hit a few thrift stores if you want to get a number of shirts on the cheap. For the price of one 30-40$ shirt you can get 10. If you take your time, be patient, dig, and find good fitting shirts in fairly new condition you will look as good or better than people making a lot more than you. I do thrift, alot. The main problem is I wear shirts size 14.5/32.... Slim fitted, if possible. So it's very hard to find...
^^ fine for work but aaaakkk that tie knot. Get a four in hand up in that bitch, look pretty good otherwise. Throw a white pocket square in there too, TV fold.
What's my best choice for dress shirts with nice patterns? I can't really spend more than 30-40$ per shirt. My wardrobe is severely lacking patterned shirts... I've been watching ebay for CT and TP shirts but none have come up that are my size. Any other alternatives? Yeah, I'm broke.
Quote: Originally Posted by isshinryu101 These seem to be below SF "market value". Someone REALLY should partake in this bounty of Lobb's. +1 Amazing looking shoes, wish I had the money...
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