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(massachusetts) Spring Challenge SC needs a drycleaning, but I love this PS!
Quote: Originally Posted by Sanguis Mortuum I don't think it looks short at all, in-fact any longer and it would probably make your legs look short, though the angle of the photo doesn't help (having the camera at waist-heigh is best for judging length issues, so there's minimal perspective distortion). How tall are you? I'm 5'11. Most of my R jackets are pretty long on me it seems, so I'm starting to wear S more and more. Maybe its just my...
Quote: Originally Posted by csoukoulis what size is the brioni? 46R... It's a 3 button with functional sleeve buttons and lapel hole. Pics when I get home in a bit!
Quote: Originally Posted by wetnose It actually looks fairly decent, with the exception of the right sleeve. The jacket is short but not remarkably so. Did you also try the 36R? I would have but they only had 36S and 38S. I could see if a special order would be possible but I kind of like the shortness.
Quote: Originally Posted by cptjeff Some weird stuff happening on the side of that sleeve, but it's actually the right size, a rarity for these questions. No, it's not too short and fashiony. Not even close. thanks I'll probably pull the trigger once my tax return comes in... Cant wait!
I could use some opinions on this suit. I can get it for $250, which is half off the original. Is it too short/"fashion forward"? Here are pics, its a 36S. I really like it but second opinions are always good. Also sorry the pics suck, was in a rush to get to work and my phone camera sucks ass. Side shot looks funky, it didnt look like that normally. Probably because my arm was up. Any feedback is welcome! Thanks
Felt like doing a little thrifting before work today since I had an hour before I had to leave, and I finally found some good shit! Found a 100% cashmere Brown/ollive windowpane Brioni sportscoat Luciano Barbera sportcoat with a houndstooth-like pattern "Steed" brand monks that fit me perfectly. Dunno this brand but I like the look and they're comfy! I'll post some pics later since I'm not sure how much the jackets are worth. They're in pretty huge sizes so that probably...
nthing Allen Edmonds. Get you some used Strands from ebay; it definitely takes time to find a deal in your size but it will happen. Patience is a virtue.
Quote: Originally Posted by UrbanComposition Panta tie win Pocket square fail I've been seeing these crazy double-dimples very frequently lately! I'm more of a single dimple man myself...
Doubt anyone here will know but, I'm taking a trip out to Pittsfield, MA on Sunday and I was wondering if anyone knew of some good thrifting spots around that area. From what I read it should be alot better than where I live, more rich old people and less broke college students.. Hopefully I'll find something good for a change
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